Do you need a loan despite an ongoing installment loan?

Are you now thinking about what makes more sense to repay, to extend an additional loan or the old loan during the term? Below we present the three possible options to cover the current financing needs. Each variant can bring you advantages, in some cases, such as with credit without credit bureau, the possibilities are […]

When is getting a personal loan a good choice?

It is common to report debts to something bad, but there are times when getting a loan can be a good way out, whether to avoid paying even higher interest rates, covering any emergencies or taking advantage of a good one. business Many people, however, end up seeing a loan to pay for superfluous spending […]

How to borrow money?

The financial situation has tightened and the decision seems inevitable: you need to know how to borrow money. The truth is that it is not that simple to get loans from financial institutions. Meeting some requirements is necessary: ​​having income from a certain value, clean name in the market, etc. Here’s all you need to […]

The Financial Markets

Looking back at 2015, one conclusion comes to mind: geopolitical risks dominated the debates throughout the year. The main role was provided for the central banks. In Mark Sleet, the ECB President, launched a quantitative easing, the modern equivalent of printing money. The idea is that the European Central Bank is pumping more money into […]

Loans – Borrowing without permanent employment

When you are borrowing money, the normal requirement is that there is an income. This is not particularly strange since a lender obviously wants you to have money to pay interest and pay down the loan. If you have no money coming in, you probably also have no opportunity to pay on the loan, which […]

How to Organize and Set Financial Goals

We are already talking about why it should constitute an Emergency Fund, where we have identified several reasons for doing so and the purpose of its constitution. We all have the sensitivity and we recognize how important it is to have a certain amount of money saved, but not all of us set goals for […]

Average Savings Interest Now Below 1%

The average savings interest rate fell below 1% in mid-August. This means that this psychological limit is reached faster than previously predicted. Has that also reached the bottom?   Psychological limit At the start of the year, we already predicted that the average savings rate in 2015 would fall below 1%. In mid-August the interest […]