Youngkin is working hard to sway swing-state Virginia to the right

Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia has used his first two weeks in office to push the state hard to the right, attempting a sweeping policy move in a state long seen as heavily Democratic and keenly watched by other Republicans.

During his first days in office, the new governor issued executive orders, ticking off his key campaign promises one by one.

The orders undermined classroom mask mandates, aimed at restricting how students are told about racism, endorsed an investigation into a wealthy suburban Washington school district that has become a national symbol for battles over so-called Parents’ Rights, and attempted to end Virginia’s participation in a carbon-limiting initiative intended to address climate change.

Youngkin also expanded the duties of a state diversity officer created by his Democratic predecessor to include being an “unborn children’s ambassador” as Virginia dropped its Supreme Court opposition to a Mississippi law prohibiting abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

All did not go smoothly. The governor’s order weakening school mask mandates has been challenged in court. Many large school districts have refused to comply with Youngkin’s order, citing a Virginia law approved last year that says classroom policy should defer to federal guidelines, which still call for masking.

“It ruffled some feathers on the other side,” Republican State House Speaker Todd Gilbert said, thanking Youngkin for keeping his word. “I think they didn’t believe him that he was going to try to see through these things.”

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  • Youngkin is working hard to sway swing-state Virginia to the right
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