Yijin Zhang: Pursuing Excellence in Outdoor Advertising

In 2022, it is reported that with the pandemic easing as vaccines and medical treatments gain popularity, advertising areas will increase significantly compared to 2020 and 2021. Airports will be busier, theaters will increase their capacity, population centers will see more foot traffic, and large-scale outdoor events will return. This change represents an opportunity for Yijin Zhang, an influential Chinese outdoor advertising artist studying in the United States. From his perspective, the outlook for the industry is optimistic, with most companies ready to increase their out-of-home (OOH) advertising spending. As the growth of outdoor advertising increases, it will promote the development of advertising technology and content innovation.

Yijin Zhang was born in Jiangsu, China, a province widely known as a cultural center. Specializing in outdoor signage for over 20 years, it has built a reputation built on dedication and empathy. His expertise has extended to research and development in outdoor advertising design, art, advertising and big data. Prolific outside of advertising, Yijin also holds six patents, authored two scientific papers, and helped compile three Chinese art and design textbooks. She saw each project as a reflection of her philosophy: “tough and creative”.

Her portfolio includes the spring, summer, fall and winter runway shows for world-famous clothing brand Karl Lagerfeld, as well as Metrocity Sphere Advertising for the 2006 Adidas World Cup. participated in the establishment of the first independent foreign bank credit card in China. His vision has also helped existing brands like Nikon launch new products. Its other customers are mainly international brands, such as ExxonMobil, Castrol, Martell, Max Mara, Sisley, Bally, Chevrolet, Buick, Petronas, KFC, Pizza Hut, Sharp, Panasonic, Shiseido, Muji, among others.

Yijin’s work has won several prestigious accolades, including the Golden Tripod International Outdoor Advertising Awards. She was recognized as “Top Creative Elite of the Year” in 2017, “Top Creative Elite of the Year” in 2018, and “Most Valuable Business Leader of the Year” in 2018. In August 2018 , the China Advertising Association named her “the most promising figure in forty years of China’s reform and opening-up.”

Also in 2018, Yijin was selected as a planning and design expert on the list of “Chinese Smart City Experts”, a collection of innovators promoting the concept of technology-driven smart cities. The same year, she participated in the International Outdoor Conference in Sorrento, Italy, as a member of the Chinese delegation. She shared the topics of contemporary scenarios, trends and long-term development of the outdoor advertising market with other representatives of various national advertising associations. Likewise, she has been invited as an expert judge by numerous national and foreign publicity contests.

Yijin Zhang’s success comes from his bold innovations in outdoor advertising design and planning. As her patents have been applied in other industries, many consider her an “inventor of the advertising industry”.

During his studies in the United States, Yijin Zhang began to adopt American cultural and artistic elements. The combination of Chinese and Western influences resulted in a unique yet broader approach to reaching audiences.

His studies in the United States reinforced the place of technology in a changing world and the future of the outdoor advertising industry. This focus has led his research into new applications of 5G, augmented reality, naked-eye 3D technology, and other advancements. For example, using the transmission speed of 5G in digital outdoor media to display realistic ultra-high definition advertising images, thereby improving the level of user perception.

5G will further deepen the Internet of Things in hardware, bringing greater convenience to offline data collection. This will improve accuracy and recall rate to provide more reliable data for offline marketing. With these advances, digital out-of-home media can better meet the specific broadcast needs of advertisers.

Augmented reality (AR) is another technology favored by advertisers because of its interactivity and fun. This new form of advertising is supposed to improve the user experience of social media and improve users’ understanding of the brand. Additionally, interactive AR advertising indicates higher sales conversion for advertisers. Yijin highlighted a naked-eye 3D advertisement she made for Exxon Mobil in late 2021 as a concrete example of such ideas.

Technology will gradually permeate more pieces of our lives in the future beyond our screens. Over time, outdoor advertising will become a place where each of us will be reached on a daily basis. As Yijin Zhang said, “The spatial extension and rendering power of outdoor media are irreplaceable by other media. In the age of the mobile internet that emphasizes the consumer experience, the immersive sense of outdoor space makes up for the lack of online communication. Imagination and aesthetics can take outdoor advertising beyond light boxes and tangible screen frames. She added, “What I can’t help but strive for is enhancing creativity and self-beauty, that is, evolutionary power.” With the upgrade of augmented reality, virtual reality and other technologies, consumers can switch from outdoor advertising to online information through mobile phones in outdoor public areas. This is a common occurrence in China, where the quantity and quality of large-scale LED display screens dominate the world. It’s proof that the creative use of technology can improve implementation and drive market acceptance.

The future will be a competition to catch eyeballs. Therefore, outdoor advertising needs to become more resourceful and attractive to make consumers look up. Yijin believes this will be possible by reshaping outdoor advertising so that people can easily get essential information that meets real life needs. Thanks to this evolution in his field, Yijin Zhang dreams of continuing to contribute to society.

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