Woman credits Geisinger program with positive health

WEST HAZLETON, ALZERNE COUNTY (WBRE / WYOU) – You’ve probably heard the phrase “use it or lose it” before. This is certainly the case as people get older.

This is especially true for retirees who often find themselves in a “slower lifestyle”. People of retirement age often begin to experience a loss of strength and balance. But seniors can find a way to keep pace by making sure a wellness program is part of their health insurance plan.

Dianne Suravicz is her name, and wellness is her game.

Working on her coordination and balance is important to 65-year-old Weatherly, who is retired but still works part-time.

“I thought this was what I wanted because I wanted to go back to a full fitness program like I had been before,” Suravicz said.

She chose a Health Insurance via Geisinger which offers the unique wellness program called 65 Forward.

“They have classes. They can have personal workouts and overall it’s just a fun social activity for them, ”said Janell Soika, 65 Forward Hazleton Wellness Coordinator.

Suravicz says the program has helped her take some surprising steps.

“Throw the ball against the wall on one foot.” You know, I never thought I would be able to do that, ”Suravicz said.

She is also able to put on her socks while standing on one leg, which she hasn’t been able to do for years. Suravicz also lost 10 pounds and lowered his blood sugar levels. She credits this to teaching nutrition, improving cardio training, and having a wellness coordinator who helps her challenge her.

“It’s good. She pushes me to my limits, but she doesn’t overdo it,” Suravicz said.

“I like to see patients progress at different levels so I know it makes them happy when they can do chores or ADLs (activities of daily living) or something around the house and they can see an improvement, ”said Soika.

Suravicz offers this advice to other seniors while they are open for Medicare: “Look for something that will keep you healthy, protect you. And affordable and, you know, get everything you can out of it.

the open enrollment period for Medicare ends on December 7.

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