Woman advertising her apartment on Facebook is mortified after noticing embarrassing feature in photos

A woman who listed her apartment for rent online has been mortified after realizing she left a very personal item in photos included in the listing. TikTok user @kindatasteless took to the social media platform to share the embarrassing incident with his followers, who were left behind by his misfortune.

She had listed her apartment on a public Facebook page, hoping to sublet it to earn some extra money. However, she got more than she bargained for when she reviewed the ad and noticed the embarrassing item had made its way into one of the many photos she had attached.

In the viral video, which has been viewed nearly 500,000 times, the user is seen scrolling down the list with the caption ‘just checking my very public post for a Facebook sublease’ appearing on screen . You can read more about TikTok’s latest viral clips here.

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After stopping at one particular photo, which shows her large wardrobe, complete with a set of see-through drawers, she zooms in to make a shocking discovery. Unfortunately for her, the bottom drawer is seen to contain a rather large, bright pink sex toy, which had apparently escaped her when she took the photo.

The video received over 65,000 likes and was flooded with comments from amused viewers, who saw the fun side of his mistake. “I’m sorry but that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen,” one said, while another added, “It’s absolutely hilarious.”

Some questioned why she posted the incident online, writing, “Luckily you haven’t made very public TikTok about it,” but others thanked her for sharing it and suggested this. what she could do next. “Add it to the amenities,” said one, while another asked, “Will that be included in the rent?”

The hot pink sex toy was on full display

Many viewers said they wouldn’t have noticed the sex toy if they hadn’t watched the video. “Lmao, I was like what that plastic thing is,” one user said. “Then I realized after a few rehearsals.” A second added: ‘Bestie no one would have noticed until you clearly pointed it out’, while another wrote: ‘Thought it was a shoe lol’.

However, a few of the comments came from concerned men, who seemed put off by the size of the sex toy involved. “How are men supposed to compete with that? one asked, while another pissed off wrote, “Whose horse is this?”.

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