Woman accused of crushing her ex’s funeral disfigured Fargo Jesus statue, court documents show


In the vandalism case, Blair Whitten, 28, faces a Class B misdemeanor charge for criminal mischief in Fargo City Court.

A court complaint accuses Whitten of spray painting the face of a statue of Jesus Christ on April 17.

The statue has since been cleaned.

Blair whitten

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Whitten appeared in court on Friday July 2 and was released on condition that she appear for future court hearings.

The maximum penalty for the offense is 30 days in jail and a fine of $ 1,500.

In the cemetery incident, Whitten is charged by the Cass County District Court with one count of reckless endangerment resulting from a May 1 incident at Riverside Cemetery in south Fargo.

According to court documents in this case:

Officers responding to a disturbance at the cemetery were told by members of the public that a vehicle had rolled over graves and “was trying to run over people.”

An officer arrested a female driver on the north side of the cemetery who identified herself as Whitten.

Whitten told police she showed up at her ex-boyfriend’s funeral and was sitting in her car at the cemetery when people approached her vehicle.

She told the police that she thought people would hurt her, so she left, being careful not to bump into anything.

The deceased’s father told police he saw Whitten, who he said was not wanted at the funeral, driving a high-speed SUV through the cemetery, which he said had frightened him .

Another witness told police he was approaching Whitten’s parked vehicle after the funeral to ask him to leave when Whitten accelerated towards him, causing him to jump out of the way and fear for his life.

The witness said Whitten was not welcome at the funeral because she posted harassing messages on social media about the death of her ex-boyfriend.

Whitten pleaded not guilty to both the criminal mischief charge and the reckless endangerment charge.

In addition to these charges, Whitten faces a number of other charges in Cass County District Court, including terrorism charges; attempted simple assault on an officer; refusal to stop; illegal possession of drug paraphernalia; and illegal possession of a controlled substance.

These charges stem from an incident that occurred on Thursday, July 1.

According to court documents in this case:

Police were called to Fort Noks in downtown Fargo following a report of a woman trying to break into the business and threatening to kill Staff.

An account provided by a police officer said Whitten fled from the scene when police arrived and then walked away and yelled racial slurs as police handcuffed her in a nearby alley.

Bar workers told police they were closing the bar when Whitten attempted to open the front doors.

When bar workers told Whitten the business was closed, Whitten replied that she would “come back and murder you when you leave,” according to court documents indicating Whitten then began to board a vehicle belonging to the bar. one of the employees.

While escorted to prison, Whitten attempted to kick an officer, according to court documents which also indicated that a substance suspected to be marijuana as well as a glass pipe had been found on Whitten .

Whitten appeared in court on Friday on the charges and the terms of release were set at $ 5,000 on bail, which could be met with a 10% bond and a personal recognizance.

Whitten remained in Cass County Jail late Friday afternoon.

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