Why associate Skittles with buttons? | Advertising


Skittles? Yum!

Softer, more gummy pins? Probably yum!

Buttons? Certainly not yum!

This was Ad Nut’s thought process after hearing about a gummy version of Skittles being promoted in China and then clicking on this video that promotes the product to Chinese consumers.

Why, Skittles, why? Seriously. Why?

In collaboration with DDB, the brand created not only the video, but also a branded game on Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok) under the hashtag # 捏捏 软糖 脸 #, which Google informs Ad Nut stands for “Pinch soft sugar face “.

The augmented reality game uses the player’s face as the backdrop for a game that involves pressing as many Skittle buttons as possible in 15 seconds to earn rewards. Of course, users can also share a recording of their game.

Ad Nut finds all of this appalling. But what does Ad Nut know? The game has been viewed more than 300 million times in just a few weeks, with over 83,000 users joining the Face Squeeze Challenge.

Maybe the brand is aiming to attract the niche market of people who enjoy watching videos that pop pimples. To Ad Nut’s disbelief, this is actually an extremely large group of people: Sandra Lee has over 7 million subscribers on YouTube. You humans are weirdos.

Ad Nut will now try to forget that all of this has already happened.

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