Why are brands betting big on lock screen advertising?

A clear and engaging message without any distractions and massive reach is all it takes to keep brand marketers on the minds of consumers. InMobi’s lock screen platform, Glance, helps brands do just that. It turns a locked screen into a personalized stream of attention-grabbing content. Brands looking to complete the puzzle of a superior customer experience can rely on this productive tool to engage with the target audience and enable impactful brand marketing.

Scope or innovation? Brands don’t have to choose.

In the past, a marketer’s dilemma has been whether to create immersive experiences to reach a niche audience or deliver ordinary creations to a large audience. Thanks to Glance’s large user base and innovative content formats, brands can achieve both.

Glance is not an app, but a lock screen mobile product built into Android mobile phones. In the span of more than two years, it has amassed over 150 million daily active users, spending an average of around 22 minutes per day on the platform.

Almost 80% of new handsets sold in India are equipped with Glance, revolutionizing the way India consumes content.

From driving brand love through static images and videos to generating traffic, leads, and installs, Glance helps brands effortlessly generate the activation they want. Brands can leverage the breathtaking bouquet of branded images, videos and games that fill the screen or a pool of more than 50,000 creators to drive LIVE commerce through entertainment. The platform offers endless possibilities to delight prospects and drive sales in innovative ways. Brands can even broadcast their products live or participate in popular LIVE shows for news and sports. The opportunity allows brands to be present where their audience is at the right time and capture their interest with various engaging features like live polls, interactive quizzes, personalized emojis, and more.

Discovery without distractions

Why wait for your audience to open a social media app and keep scrolling to find you? On average, cell phone users unlock their phone 70 times a day. It would be a good idea to have a presence on Glance as it offers immediate and distraction-free engagement with the relevant audience at the very first point of interaction.

As users look at their mobile phone’s lock screen, branded and visually rich content grabs their attention. Glance helps brands seize this opportunity and improve their visibility on prospects’ mobile phones. The striking full-screen visuals can be a virtual gateway to a brand’s website, lead form, app store, or e-commerce platform to drive instant purchases. Every time a brand runs their ad, they get 100% of the lock screen space and therefore 100% of viewers’ attention, minus the distraction caused by any ad or content.

Real-time targeting, precise metrics

Glance offers a plethora of targeting options for advertisers to ensure they can contextualize large-scale creations and / or effectively reach a larger audience. This allows them to target the relevant audience based on their interests, geography, demographics, language preferences, handset, etc.

Backed by Peter Thiel and Google, Glance is results-driven and data-driven. It offers accurate and verified campaign metrics such as reach, impressions, clicks, and time spent. He also partnered with Kantar, a leading data analytics and brand consulting company, to structurally measure the impact on the brand lift.

Safety first – AI driven, humans moderated

With spectacular visuals and interactive experiences that start with a simple tap or swipe on the lock screen, brands are finding innovative ways to be discovered and achieve a high level of brand awareness with Glance. All this without worrying about the safety of the brand. Every piece of content displayed on Glance is curated using AI and human intervention, ensuring there is no objectionable content and 100% brand safety.

Over 150 brands including Pepsi, Coke, Airtel, Flipkart, Myntra and PhonePe have already started to spice up their strategies with this platform. With its mix of unique formats and unmatched reach, Glance is designed to change the face of advertising.

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