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The internet, while a great invention has made life easier for many, one downside it has brought is the rapid spread of disinformation, especially during these times of pandemic testing.

However, while social platforms are doing their best to stop the spread of disinformation, it is truly disappointing to see some websites and companies participate in the spread of false information by advertising on sites known to disseminate information. disinformation.

A report concluded by NewsGuard and Comscore, a company that uses journalists and artificial intelligence to combat online disinformation, found that they had found nearly 7,500 websites disseminating disinformation online, which they reported. it is about policy, health situation and pandemic or vaccination. and according to their report, many well-known companies were advertising themselves on these websites without knowing that they were distributing false information.

The report also found that almost 1.6% of the revenue generated from this ad went to the website that spreads disinformation and in addition to spreading false information on the websites, they made a lot of money from the ads.

Comscore and NewGuard mentioned that they were very disappointed with these well-known companies advertising on these platforms and although the report did not mention any names, insiders reacted quickly and found companies that were serving problematic ads. These included Home Depot, TaskRabbit, and Vrbo which advertised on sites like One America News Network and Independent Sentinel.

When Home Depot, TaskRabbit, and Vrbo were asked about their actions, Vrbo denied commenting while Home Depot said they didn’t know because the ads were placed by their ad network and team and would review surely that question, while TaskRabbit the One American News Network site was on its ad exclusion list and they didn’t realize their ads were showing there.

Company shareholders were also concerned about asking the company to conduct a full investigation if their shares and dollars were used to spread disinformation.

Disinformation on the internet is serious business and businesses need to be careful noting where their ads are displayed and where their percentage of earned revenue is going, if a thorough check is done we can all avoid excessively increasing the misinformation being disseminated online. .

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