Vile Nazi swastika graffiti has been painted across the Scottish town, leaving the community disgusted

Swastikas have been painted on a Scottish town, leaving the local community disgusted.

Nazi graffiti was spray painted at various locations in Thurso in the Highlands between Monday and Tuesday this week.

In footage obtained by the Record, a solicitor’s office on Riverside Road in the town could be seen pictured after being targeted by the thugs.

The building had numerous swastikas splashed across its walls, while another image showed two more Nazi symbols painted at the city’s Mall Walk.

A number of others were spotted across Thurso – and after being “outraged” by the graffiti, community activist Alexander Glasgow quickly rallied to organize a clean-up.

Nazi graffiti on the walls of a lawyer’s office on Riverside Road in Thurso

Alexander, 45, told The Record: “It was heartbreaking to see them above the city.

“The local reaction has been a mixture of weariness with the ongoing anti-social behavior and revulsion at the sight of the swastika.

“There have been several places defaced with these symbols over the past few days, and there has been a wave over the past few months.

“I took the video of the swastikas at the barrister’s office by the river, and there were two more spray painted at the Mall Walk, Victoria Walk, one on Old Man’s Rest, another on the Pennyland Mausoleum and another at Thurso High School.

Alexander Glasgow (centre) planting flowers in Thurso
Alexander Glasgow (centre) planting flowers in Thurso

“There were others elsewhere as well but I don’t know the precise locations. A big effort was launched to remove them as quickly as possible.”

Alexander says the council acted quickly to support locals in their attempt to remove the offensive graffiti.

He said: “It’s good that the board and the other volunteers have swung into action. We will be pushing harder over the next few days.

“We are just relieved that the graffiti can be removed so quickly.”

Police have now confirmed that three schoolchildren have been charged over the ‘number of hate messages’ that have been spray-painted across the city this week.

The youths, ages 14, 15 and 16, will be reported to the Children’s Reporter.

Another swastika tagged on the wall of a lawyer's office in Thurso
Another swastika tagged on the wall of a lawyer’s office in Thurso

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Three young men have been found in connection with a number of hate messages which were spray painted at various locations in Thurso between Monday May 9 and Tuesday May 10.

“Young people, ages 14, 15 and 16, will be reported to the Children’s Reporter and the Procurator Fiscal.”

A council spokesperson added: ‘Highland Council and community volunteers are taking action to remove offensive graffiti and police are investigating the crime.

“Graffiti, while not just a criminal offence, is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money as cleaning it up diverts resources from municipal works and services.”

Alexander Glasgow is a member of the Thurso In Color group, dedicated to improving the city. To visit the group’s Facebook page, click here.

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