TV and Social: 10 Ways to Boost Your Advertising Strategy Effectively

The Asia-Pacific region will be home to over two billion digital video viewers by 2022. Video streaming has officially entered mainstream, coinciding with increased use of social media around the world. Meanwhile, the rise in the number of users watching video content on smartphones is fueling a merger of mobile, TV and digital. These changes in viewer habits have a huge impact on the best way brands can reach their audiences.

Unsurprisingly, these consumer behaviors are reflected in market growth: Dentsu report predicts a 9.7% increase for the media and entertainment industry and an 8% increase in ad spend in the Asia-Pacific region . Additionally, where a large majority of users (86%) will happily watch ad-supported content as long as it remains free, this presents a great opportunity for advertisers, publishers and agencies.

It is nothing new that a multi-channel approach to advertising is essential to success and that each individual channel has its advantages and limitations. When it comes to TV and social advertising, we’ve weighed the pros and cons of each for a full comparison:

Television gets high marks when it comes to:

  • Entertainment

  • Impact

  • Scope and scale

  • Captivating audiences

But the television must turn up the volume to:

Social summits

Social stockings

  • Multiple platforms

  • Attention skills

  • Smaller screens

  • Advertising fatigue

Fortunately, advertisers don’t have to choose between TV advertising and social advertising. The two channels can and should work together to increase brand awareness and convert new customers. While the introduction of social media has improved the effectiveness of TV ads, paid social marketers need to make full use of TV to improve the performance of social ads.

In this eBook, Mediaocean determines why and how television and social media form a powerful, dynamic duo. This report explores the TV and social landscape in the Asia-Pacific region, and ten tips for paid social marketers on how to boost engagement with TV and social advertising.

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