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I have become seasoned with anti-establishment / government rhetoric in the media, but right now with the burgeoning Police Services Board (PolSC) debacle, such rhetoric has become particularly virulent with words like “arrogant.” , avenger, tasteless et al. commonplace in the call for leaders to “resign”.

But what I have often perceived as the ramblings and delusions of the disenchanted low-spirits of the status quo, a radio host’s response to such rhetoric with the commentary on “lack of accountability mechanisms to our leaders ”made me realize that what we are seeing on these radio shows is the body politic’s historic protest against bad leadership throughout the annals of history.

In many of these cases such a protest would have been the architect of change, with some leaders literally losing their minds in the process and in some cases companies undergoing sweeping political changes as in 1789 in France and 1776 in the States. -United.

But the radio host’s lament over “the lack of mechanisms to hold rulers accountable” in this country seems such an anomaly in a world which, throughout history, has been the vehicle for making such accountability. of leaders a reality.

And why?

Perhaps you can examine the question of good character for leaders, which refers to the idea of ​​selfless service to those they govern.

Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr are two good examples of such selfless service, but they could not thrive in a policy of self-discipline and division, leading to their demise.

This suggests that there is an undeniable incompatibility between selfless action for the people and the intrinsic nature of self-service politics and its corollary, greed for power.

If even you were endowed with a certain good character before you entered politics, the gains that flow from the manipulation and deception associated with political action can corrupt even the best of us.

So, looking for a politician who would act altruistically in the interest of the people is a futile exercise.

Perhaps you can look to the body politic in this country to hold the leadership to account, as has happened in history, but it would take unanimity of goals to become a reality and we, in as a people, let us be divided to the core.

As we are tribal, we see nothing good in those who oppose us politically, and those we support cannot do anything bad, just to “spoil the soup” that we can get for our unconditional loyalty.

And this greed for a “soup dish” goes far beyond the simple-minded, for although our character and intellect give us the moral and ethical fiber to ask questions of our leaders, our desire to be in. the good graces of rulers which can facilitate a legal brief or a lucrative contract or a privileged position in government et al, supersedes the dignity of the individual to stand up for what is true and just as wrongdoing reigns.

So I sympathize with you my unknown friend on the radio who laments the lack of accountability of our leaders as people lament and cringe on your platform.

We can only be what we choose to be!

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