Tory MP Liam Kerr’s office targeted with shocking Nazi graffiti depicting swastikas

SICKOS smeared shocking Nazi graffiti in the offices of several Tory MPs.

Spray painted signs including a swastika on the door and windows of the West Mount Conservative Association building in Aberdeen.


Scotsman Tory MSP Liam Kerr saw his office targeted with Nazi graffitiCredit: Alamy
Large swastikas were spray painted on doors and windows


Large swastikas were spray painted on doors and windowsCredit: TWITTER: @LiamKerrMSP

They also targeted a nearby Scottish Parliament office.

Both buildings house MSPs, including Douglas Lumsden, Liam Kerr and Tess White, along with their staff.

In both incidents, the letter “Q” – believed to stand for Quisling – and a number of swastikas were scrawled in white paint.

Mr Kerr – who is also the Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Justice – posted on Twitter alongside photos of the graffiti: “This is what our staff encountered in our vandalized office this morning.


“Public money will be wasted on cleaning up this.

“Our excellent staff shouldn’t have to put up with this nonsense. “

The Aberdeen Conservatives said: “We are incredibly disappointed to learn this morning that our association office and the North East MSP office were vandalized overnight.

“This has been reported to the Scottish Police and it is now up to them to investigate.

“However, the staff who work in these offices do not deserve to come to work to find them in this condition and do not feel safe in their jobs.

“They work incredibly hard for everyone who lives in the North East of Scotland, whether or not they voted for our party.

“On this occasion, it will simply amount to a waste of public money that could be better spent elsewhere. Either way, it will always have an impact on our staff.

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“Politics in Scotland should be and must be better than this. “

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: ‘We were informed this morning, Friday 3 December, that two business premises, one in Rosemount Place and the other in Westmount Street, were vandalized overnight.

“The incidents are treated as linked and investigations are underway to find those responsible. “

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They were painted on a picture of her face on the window


They were painted on a picture of her face on the windowCredit: TWITTER: @LiamKerrMSP
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