The exhibition explores the place and the culture during the lockdown


The Clayden Gallery at Newport’s Quay Arts Center hosts an exhibition of three artists who explored their experiences of place and culture through different mediums, while their individual circumstances forced each of them to isolate themselves during the lockdown.

Melanie Swan, Sylvia Radford and Amanda Seale have worked together since meeting in 2018 and have previously exhibited together as part of a larger group show ‘Emergence’ in 2019 at West Dean College, West Sussex.

A Place to Call Home is open Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Saturday, October 2, 2021.

Melanie Swan
Melanie’s practice embraces traditional mediums and materials to create individual works and installations. His workshop is filled with collected objects and experiences, collected over the years.

Separated from these treasures during the lockdown, unable to access her studio, she started a new collection which became her “Cabinet of Curiosities”, the source of new explorations in textiles and photography, including dyed silk panels. and stitched and lumen prints.

Melanie is currently studying in the Tapestry Foundation Program at West Dean College in West Sussex.

Instagram: @ melanie.swan | Website:

Sylvie radford
Sylvia’s paintings using the Western tradition of oils on canvas revel in the exploration of personal expression in a transnational context. As a British-Singaporean, having lived her life between the UK and South East Asia, her work explores ideas that negotiate identity, community and belonging, and more broadly l impact of hybridity on the social landscape of the modern global era.

Here I am from Sylvia Radford
Here I am from Sylvia Radford

Synthesizing memories and family photographs in black and white, and drawing on observation and the history of art, she creates colorful paintings that also question visions of exoticism. Sylvia’s work “Morning Sun” has been shortlisted for the Viking Cruises British Art Prize, 2021. Sylvia will be undertaking a Masters of Fine Arts in September 2021 at West Dean College, West Sussex.

Instagram: @ sylvia.radford

Amanda Seale
Amanda’s background in horticulture and stitching is the basis of her embroidery and rug making practice. His work draws on experiences gained while living in Devon, as well as Tokyo, Japan, as well as recent research into traditional carpet-making practices in Morocco and the UK, in particular in the north of England. Inspired by the landscapes of Devon and Cornwall, where she now lives, her works express the deep connection she must establish.

Foreground 'Coastal Seascape' by Amanda Seale.  Sylvia Radford murals
Foreground ‘Coastal Seascape’ by Amanda Seale. Sylvia Radford murals

Amanda captures the overall physicality of color and outline in her hand-tufted sculpted paintings, textiles and rugs. Amanda is currently studying in the Tapestry Foundation Program at West Dean College in West Sussex.

Instagram: @amanda_seale | Website:

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