The Editorial Board: New York GOP gives in to extremism, but not without help from Democrats | Editorial


Certainly, both can make legitimate points. The power of government must be curtailed, and economic inequalities can be deterrent and destructive, especially if they are built into the system. But a world of options exists between these extremes – options that should allow conservatives to acknowledge the medical facts and liberals to encourage rather than demonize wealth creation.

Even then, there is a difference between the extremes of each party as they exist today. Republicans who still support Donald Trump, who still reject the truths of the January 6 insurgency, and who fail in their patriotic duty to quell the pandemic are falsely responding to fundamental issues, seeking political advantage at any cost.

On the far left, supporters can also be wrong in their prescriptions – and often are – but they are at least responding to real issues such as homelessness, food insecurity and environmental degradation. But as they move to the left, they leave more of the center open to voters who may be tempted by the siren song of authoritarianism.

What could the Republican Party be like today if it sought, with passion and commitment, to identify conservative solutions to real problems instead of playing on the worst impulses of its worst members? At one point, New York could have led such efforts. Today, however, he is walking through the weeds.

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