Texas Matters: Leaked Election Audits and Why Southlake Matters


The Second Special Session of the 87th Texas Legislature has ended. During the 30-day assembly of Texas lawmakers convened by Gov. Greg Abbott, more of his radical right-wing agenda was passed, including his Restricted Elections Bill, a ban on the teaching of so-called critical race theory, a toughening of bail laws against the poor. He also spent more money on border security, expanded virtual learning for students, and restricted the use of medication for medical abortion.

But right before Sine Die, there was a moment reminiscent of those Marvel superhero movies. In these movies, there are end credits scenes that give you a taste of the next movie in the franchise with a glimpse of the next big, super villain. We had something like that at the end of the special session in the Texas Senate. It was called Senate Bill 97.

SB 97 is the Texas reviewing the troubled and ridiculous Republican-controlled election auditing in Arizona and importing those practices here.

But with the end of the Special Legislative Session, doesn’t that eliminate SB 97 and its threat to electoral practices in Texas? Clearly there will be another special session this summer that will deal with redistribution and SB 97 will likely be replenished.

It is unclear why Texas must pass a law that would require the audit of the 2020 Texas presidential election since the state secretary of state signaled to the legislature that the Texas election was safe and secure. .

The Texas League of Women Voters is sounding the alarm on this partisan interference authorizing the Texas elections in the service of the Big Lie of former President Donald Trump. They urge heads of state to reject any effort to undermine voter confidence in our elections or to inject partisanship into elections.

Cindy Weatherby is the voting chair of the Texas League of Women Voters.

Southlake, Texas

Three years ago, a 9-second video went viral of a group of high school kids chanting the n-word at a private party in Southlake, Texas.

There was controversy, meetings were held, and the school district responded by promising to build cultural awareness into the curriculum.

But then came the backlash. A group of parents fought back, raised money – lots of money – and made Carroll ISD the starting point for the debate on teaching “critical race theory. “

Critical Race Theory is a key phrase that has been militarized and defamed by the right-wing media. They have become scary words for many white parents in the Texas suburbs, like in South Lake. There have been more racist videos, protests and public incidents.

A new podcast from NBC News delves into the world of South Lake. But what does this affluent, predominantly white suburb of DFW have to tell us about Texas and the nation? Tours – a lot.

These suburbs are the political battleground for America’s future. It is decided here to what extent the nation will be conservative or progressive. This is where Trump won and then lost.

Antonia Hylton is an NBC News correspondent covering politics and justice and is the co-host of “Southlake,” a six-part NBC News podcast.

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