Tesla Employees File Lawsuit Alleging Racial Discrimination, Racial Harassment, Retaliation and Wrongful Termination

Dozens of current and former Tesla, Inc. employees filed a lawsuit in Alameda Superior Court on July 1, alleging the electric car giant operates in an atmosphere of “pre-civil rights” racial discrimination. as standard operating practice.

This mass action alleges that the plaintiffs experienced racially motivated harassment and intimidation at Tesla factories that were turned into racist work environments. The lawsuit names tech giant Tesla, as well as managers and supervisors who allegedly perpetuated ongoing racism and discrimination at Tesla.

“It’s hard to imagine a work culture that these hard workers had to endure day in and day out, having to live through racist comments and abusive behavior,” said attorney Mike Arias. “Hearing story after story of employees being subjected to this level of disgusting and threatening behavior and language is still almost unbelievable.”

“The stories we hear from Tesla employees, one after another, are mind-blowing,” Arias said. “Knowing that in 2022 people are going to work and being called racial slurs, seeing nooses dangling and not having the same opportunities as many of their counterparts because they are minorities is unacceptable.”

Alleged racial abuse and harassment includes African-American and Hispanic employees regularly being subjected to offensive racist comments and behavior from co-workers, managers, supervisors, and even HR employees.

The complaint includes allegations of offensive and derogatory behavior and language that people of color were forced to endure while working for Tesla. These claims include:

Racist graffiti on the walls of restrooms, stalls, lockers, benches, workstations and more littered with “KKK”, the “n-word” and swastikas.
African-American employees were referred to as “darkies” or “blackies” instead of being addressed by name.
The employees named in the complaint have not been trained, promoted or augmented despite years of hard work and excellent reviews.
Employees of color have been told they have to work hard because they are minorities.
Physical attacks by co-workers with no action taken by management to stop the assault.
Racial and sexual harassment by supervisors or in front of supervisors who did nothing to curb or correct the behavior.
Targeting of dismissal by supervisors and HR based solely on race.

“These employees simply wanted to put in an honest day’s work for honest pay, and instead they were treated horribly by co-workers, supervisors and even human resources representatives,” attorney Sahar Malek said. “It cannot be ignored.”

The case is Jasmin Wilson and. Al. v Tesla, Alameda Superior Court, Case No. 22CV013603. To read the complaint, click here.

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