Targeted action to tackle problematic graffiti

We are launching a year-long program of targeted action zones to help tackle problematic graffiti across the city.

The action areas will target high traffic areas and involve coordinated activity to remove graffiti from council property, alongside engagement with businesses regarding problematic graffiti on commercial properties.

The program is part of our drive to tackle problematic graffiti and make the city as clean and welcoming as possible for residents, businesses and visitors.

The first targeted action area is Church Road, Hove, and will start on September 12, followed by George Street and Boundary Road in October.

The plan is to then move to Preston Street, Ship Street, Middle Street and Upper Lewes Road in Brighton in November and December, with many more busy pencil streets next year.

Targeted action areas

Action zones involve Cityclean staff focusing on each zone for 2 weeks to remove graffiti from public street furniture, such as bins, benches and street signs.

They will be supported by our Environmental Enforcement Officers, who will inspect areas and issue community protection warnings and notices to organizations that own street furniture asking them to remove graffiti or face enforcement action. ‘application.

We will write to commercial landlords in areas ahead of the action asking them to remove any graffiti from their property to support anti-graffiti efforts.

In line with our Environmental Enforcement Framework and under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, Environmental Enforcement Officers will issue Community Protection Warnings and Advisories to property owners commercial when they find graffiti.

Community Protection Warnings

Earlier this year, we introduced community protection warnings and notices to help tackle graffiti on commercial buildings and street furniture.

This allows us to work with owners of commercial buildings and urban infrastructure, such as phone kiosks and mailboxes, to advise, monitor and set deadlines so that graffiti incidents in the city are targeted and eliminated. rapidly.

As part of this program, we initially send homeowners a community protection warning with a deadline to remove the graffiti.

If no action is taken and the warning is ignored, a community protection notice will be served which imposes a specific date by which they are legally required to remove the graffiti.

As a last resort, we will levy fixed fines or prosecute owners who ignore community protection warnings and notices that have been served.

Community protection warnings and notices include a 7, 14, or 28 day delay to ensure graffiti is removed in a timely manner. It depends on the extent of the graffiti, taking into account the size, height and whether specialist equipment is required for removal.

The program is working well so far, with enforcement action needed against a few businesses for not removing graffiti and positive feedback from residents about the improvements.

Landlords, charities and community-run facilities are exempt from the scheme.

Improve the appearance of the city

Councilor Hannah Clare, Deputy Head of Council, said: “We know that many residents have a passion for graffiti and tagging, and we are committed to trying new ways to take action to remove it.

“Since launching our graffiti reduction strategy, we have worked with other partners, such as the police, on a variety of measures to help tackle the growing problem of graffiti vandalism.

“Our goal of targeting problem streets one by one is to create clean areas where residents, merchants and visitors can see the difference. We hope this will encourage people to work together to keep areas free of graffiti for longer.

“We will also work with our partners to remove graffiti from all public infrastructure. We would welcome corporate support to help with graffiti removal as well.

“For residents – we ask that if you see anyone tagging in the city, please report it. We hope that by working together we can ensure that the amount of graffiti around is reduced.

Report graffiti

If you see hateful or offensive graffiti or stickers, please report it through our Environmental Law Enforcement Hotline or our online Cleanup Request Form.

Our goal is to remove offensive graffiti and stickers within 24 hours of reporting them.

We will gather evidence and work with Sussex Police to prosecute offenders.

By reporting, you help reduce the damage caused by offensive graffiti and stickers and help us fight violators.

We also look forward to hearing from residents who see someone tagging or have evidence against anyone smearing graffiti.

Call 01273 295063 with details of the breach, and our officers will respond promptly.

The phone line is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, with voicemail outside these hours.

Our Environmental Officers can fine anyone found drawing graffiti on public and private land without the owner’s permission.

We will issue fixed fines of £150 to anyone caught committing the offense and seize any material used for graffiti.

We only remove graffiti when it is offensive or on council property. You can find information about removing graffiti from private property on our what to do about graffiti webpage.

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