Switzerland – Holidays in Verbier Versatile

Switzerland – a nation blessed with a majestic panorama of alpine mountains has for centuries been the favorite destination for snow tourism and India is a nation that Swiss tourism authorities are taking serious note of, largely due to the influence India’s rise as a financial power.

The signing of the joint declaration during the visit of the Swiss President in 2017 and the visit of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Switzerland in 2018 further strengthened the already cordial relationship between these two great nations. The Indo-Swiss bonhomie is best reflected in Prime Minister Modi’s words thus – “A long standing dynamic partnership”.

No wonder, every year an ever-increasing number of Indian tourists flock to Switzerland for their annual holidays, and more and more are opting for ski holidays and evolving their entry into the dynamic world of activity-based tourism. It’s no surprise that the Swiss Tourist Board is aiming for one million Indian visitors by 2020.

These days, Verbier boasts perhaps some of the best ski “slopes” in the world, as well as true Swiss chalet architecture and eclectic nightlife, offering a bewildering array of ski holidays, has literally catapulted Verbier as the ultimate ski and snow. vacation destination.

Just imagine the scenario of hundreds of small wooden chalets, apartments and hotels built of wood against the backdrop of stunning snow-capped Alpine mountains! The panorama of Verbier immerses you in a setting that would have existed centuries ago. On a more serious note, let me tell you that the real-time development of the city only started after the last World War with the introduction of skiing.

Switzerland - Holidays in Verbier Versatile

Verbier has always been labeled as the playground of the rich and famous like some of France’s upmarket resort towns, but the ingenuity of Swiss hospitality mandarins in making Verbier more accessible to average tourists has meant that today Verbier is so much more affordable today!

The scenery is spectacular to say the least, and the skiing area powdery, with a beginners area just at the base of the mountain. For seasoned skiers, a plethora of bumps and routes means big names in the skiing world are known to descend on Verbier all year round.

Switzerland - Holidays in Verbier Versatile

Conveniently located in the canton of Valais, Verbier is part of the super exclusive “Domaine skiable des 4 Vallées”, with easy access to ski areas such as Thyon, Nendaz, La Tzoumaz and Veysonnaz, meaning that visitors to Verbier are in done on vacation. in one of the largest ski areas in Switzerland.

Off late, Verbier made headlines as a billionaire business tycoon – by Sir Richard Branson mountain retreat and its Lodge – https://www.virginlimitededition.com/en/the-lodge.

Perched high on the edge of the Swiss Alps, The Lodge offers nine beautifully appointed rooms, each classic Swiss gems, an on-site swimming pool, hot tubs and spa to rejuvenate.

Switzerland - Holidays in Verbier Versatile

The haunting beauty of Verbier is best summed up by Mr Branson himself – “Welcome to the Lodge! From the moment I saw it, I knew this beautiful chalet in the Swiss Alps was destined to become my favorite mountain retreat. I chose Verbier because it’s an amazing year-round destination and offers world-class skiing, fabulous après-ski and everything you could want on a summer getaway!

Paragliding, climbing, mountain biking… you name it! I hope you too will enjoy your experience at the Lodge as much as I do every time”.

Switzerland - Holidays in Verbier Versatile

Much of Switzerland is immensely rich in active tourism, and Verbier and its surrounding alpine towns have been a favorite area for ultra-wealthy young Indians who venture out every year not only for adventure tourism but also for exclusive “summer schools”.

Summer schools in the Swiss Alps provide global exposure, personality enhancement skills, and grooming for children who will one day run their family business or start their own business.

Switzerland - Holidays in Verbier Versatile

Verbier and its surroundings are dotted with exclusive summer schools and the combination of language, adventure sports and etiquette inoculation provides truly global exposure for these aspiring trade commissioners. According to Sunita Aerenwife of a famous Indian businessman Sanjeev Aeren

“My 16 year old daughter wanted to go to Switzerland because she had never been to a summer camp abroad. Most parents opt for Switzerland because it also allows their children to ski.

Switzerland - Holidays in Verbier Versatile

For many, summer camps abroad are good grooming lessons. My daughter is not an outgoing kid, but she wanted to do something exciting this summer. This activity course in Switzerland helps her to open up and speak for herself.

When it comes to sustainability, the Swiss are way ahead of other nations, and caring for the environment and giving back is one of the characteristics, so to speak, of the Swiss. . Most hotels and lodges are committed to sustainability and place a huge emphasis on local community initiatives.

Switzerland - Holidays in Verbier Versatile

Apricots, strawberries and peaches grow in abundance in Verbier during the summer months and so jams are made in abundance. While world famous Swiss cheeses come from renowned cheese makers – roger and Marc Dubossonthe manufacturers of the famous Raclette cheese which comes from the canton of Valais and the milk of the cows which graze in the mountain pastures.

What about drinking water? The Swiss Alpine mountains offer perhaps some of the freshest reservoirs of drinking water available on planet Earth! and there is a 100% ban on plastic bottles to be careful.

Verbier is not just about skiing and snow. In fact, the annual Verbier Festival, celebrated in July, offers visitors a unique chance to savor some of the biggest names in the world of classical music performing against the surreal backdrop of the Swiss Alps. An exhilarating series of concerts, choirs, orchestras and musical recitals will keep the audience spellbound.

Switzerland - Holidays in Verbier Versatile

This unique festival was conceptualized in 1994 by Martin Tson Engstrom, which has become one of the most prestigious musical shows in Europe. Last year, an exclusive documentary on one of the world’s finest luthiers, Florian Leonhard, premiered at the Verbier Festival, offering significant insight into this extraordinary musician who has devoted his entire life to classical music.

The haunting beauty of Verbier is perhaps best summed up by an anonymous skier who fell in love with Verbier centuries ago: “The skies are not just pieces of wood, steel and fiberglass. They are tools of escape, a means of self-expression, a way to challenge fears, push boundaries, and share incredible experiences with your friends.” There couldn’t be a better anecdote than this.

Switzerland - Holidays in Verbier Versatile

Traveler information pack


In Verbier, most hotels and lodges have that authentic Swiss chalet feel and the vibe is rugged. Some of the popular hotels in Verbier are Adrian’s cottageW Verbier, La Cordée des Alpes, Chalet De Flore, La Vanessa to name a few.

Many visitors to Verbier opt for the mountain huts because of the cozy atmosphere. Some of the most favorite are Cabane Brunet, Cabane De Chanrion, Cabane De Louvie, Cabane Du Mont Fort and Cabane FXB Panossier.

Gastronomy and nightlife

Verbier is renowned for its traditional but varied range of gourmet restaurants and fabulous bars.

Switzerland - Holidays in Verbier Versatile


Visitors are offered a bewildering array of Swiss mountain restaurants. Le Dahu located at the foot of the La Chaux chairlift offers both self-service and table service plans.

Le Carrefour is another great option and can be reached on foot offering local Swiss gourmet cuisine. For sushi lovers, the T-Bar is exceptional. If you’re looking for a cozy atmosphere, Chez Dany is ideal and the option of a toboggan ride after the meal has won over many visitors.

The nightlife of Apres de Verbier is absolutely lively. The Ice Cube bar is located at the top of the Médran gondola. From here you can ski down to Le Rouge, famous for its live DJ’s, regular events and fantastic views across the valley.

Every night there is live music at Le Farinet, legendary for its lively scene and the occasional visit from celebrities from around the world. For a more laid-back evening, head to Fer à Cheval for a drink or Farinet Lounge for first-class cocktails.

Switzerland - Holidays in Verbier Versatile

reach there

The international airports of Geneva and Zurich are convenient ways to reach Verbier.

From Geneva airport, rental cars are readily available and the drive there is exhilarating. Geneva airport is well connected to some of the world’s major airlines operating scheduled flights.


An absolutely free bus service is available which goes around the seaside resort of Verbier. Buses leave from Carrefour to the interior of Verbier.

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