Swastika and other obscene graffiti scrawled on gaming equipment

OBSCENE graffiti has been scrawled on play equipment in Stratton.

The area parish council released photos of the vandalism over the weekend and urged people to help police find who was responsible.

A slide is covered in abuse aimed at a teacher at Kingsdown School, a swastika has been drawn on one piece of the Meadowcroft playground, while a phallic doodle and swear words appear elsewhere.

A spokesperson for Stratton St Margaret Parish Council said: “Unfortunately graffiti is an ongoing and never-ending problem for us. Over the past three months we have seen a sharp increase in it.

“It seems like the same person or group can do it every time because the same graffiti pops up regularly.

“The damage caused to the park [included] lots of strong profanity, including extremely offensive images.

“It is extremely time consuming and expensive to remove and affects our ability to do other more important work, which we know you would prefer us to do.

“This week alone, our caretaker spent two days cleaning up the graffiti!

“Please do all you can to help us reduce this crime and feel free to provide any information you feel is helpful.”

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Swindon Advertiser: A censored image of graffiti in StrattonA censored image of graffiti in Stratton

Swindon Advertiser: Graffiti is cleaned from a playground in StrattonGraffiti is cleaned from a playground in Stratton

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