SpaceX to display ads in space and advertisers can even pay with Dogecoin


SpaceX could make ad space more literal than ever with a satellite that displays advertising and other content, selling individual pixels via crypto.

EspaceX could open up advertising space, literally, with opportunities to buy advertising on an orbiting satellite in the future and even accept Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Where the ad is shown, how to see it, who can participate, and how to become an advertiser can be of interest to both individuals and businesses.

SpaceX and Tesla each own Bitcoin, however, the founder of both companies, Elon Musk, has expressed concern that generating cryptocurrency requires a significant amount of energy. Companies won’t be divesting Bitcoin anytime soon, and Musk personally owns Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, continuing to champion the concept, even though he’s not entirely happy with the current implementation.

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According to a recent Business intern report, SpaceX is teaming up with a Canadian startup, Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), to launch a satellite into orbit via a Falcon 9 rocket to display advertising. This makes the term “ad space” more literal than it ever was. The article contained quotes from GEC CEO Samuel Reid, and the satellite would be made up of CubeSats, a small cube-shaped model among the lightest and most compact possible. One side of the satellite is designed to display a pixelated screen where the “advertisements” will appear. As if this isn’t a unique enough idea, the ad space will be made up of pixels that will be sold individually. This means that multiple pixels will need to be purchased to display a logo or message.

Buy a SpaceX ad in orbit

The CubeSat that will display advertising and other content made up of purchased pixels is under development, so advertising space will not be in orbit for several months. According to the GEC website, a SpaceX Falcon 9 carpooling is scheduled for June 1, 2022, delivering twelve CubeSats 6U, or twelve satellites each made up of 6 CubeSats. It is not clear whether all of these satellites are intended to be used for advertising purposes or whether other purposes are also planned. The ad screen will supposedly be captured via a camera on a protruding selfie stick and broadcast to Earth and streamed live on YouTube or Twitch.

Reid described this as an effort to democratize access to space and expressed hope that it would not be used for offensive material, but also did not mention plans to limit or censor content. . The pixels will be purchasable with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, with plans to add Dogecoin in the future. Pricing has not been finalized and the ad does not appear to be available for purchase yet, but will be available to anyone interested and able to afford the cost without a name. Reid referred to art projects such as Reddit Place, now defunct, and Satoshi’s Place, still active, which is an online collaborative workbench of one million pixels sold individually and paid for in cryptocurrency. If SpaceX and GEC satellite advertising work the same, any advertising will need to be carefully planned because it could be overwhelmed by other pixel purchases, a new kind of digital graffiti. SpaceX selling advertising in space is certainly an interesting concept, but even though the display is visible from Earth, a telescope would be required and ads on Twitch and YouTube are nothing new.

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Source: Business Insider, GEC

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