Sault Star columnist writes rules, society standards are broken with impunity

Young people learn no responsibility when they see adults flouting laws and societal norms with impunity

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We justify disobedience by rationalizing, by saying that our situation is special because. . .

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These common occurrences of selfish and illegal actions have little or no impact. Increasingly, dangerous and illegal driving goes unpunished.

Drivers ignore speed limits and stop signs, passing without trying to brake. Ditto for the amber and red lights. If caught, the punishment is a warning or a fine, instead of confiscating their vehicles.

The public has become accustomed to the entertainment featuring foul language, colorless jokes, indecency, shamelessness.

Social networks are full of gossip, slander, accusations, offensive images, videos inciting violence.

Republican Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona posted a video on social media calling for violence and murder of opposition members.

It was only censored, with the House motion passing 223-207. Only 223? Did 207 agree with the video?

Unrepentant Gosar reposted the video after it was deleted, encouraging copiers. When there is no repercussion, bad behavior gets worse.

Cleaning up graffiti is on top of municipal taxes and makes a city look like a slum.

Shopping carts are stolen daily by customers, eventually getting lost or damaged; contractors are hired to collect them and the costs are added to your grocery bills. The carts are abandoned, or in ditches, or crushed flat by snow removal.

How many carts are there in your building?

There are penalties for lifting magazines, but none for theft of shopping trolleys.

The city is proposing to fine innocent grocery store owners for abandoned carts. This adds to our grocery bills. Delinquents get away with everything, and assaults on society and morals go unchecked.

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No one is afraid of shaming themselves or their family.

F words grow in news, novels, videos, movies, posters, commercials, political speeches, competing in contempt. Give those people with limited vocabulary a thesaurus, please. Action movies, even for kids, intensify in value of shock, violence, and heartbreaking scenes.

The no-vaccination option shows selfishness and disrespect for those who have chosen vaccination.

Likes and Don’t Likes on social media mean nothing.

Young people learn no responsibility when they see adults flouting the laws and norms of society with impunity.

Society’s response is to let the courts decide, instead of MPs and MPs fulfilling their legislative responsibilities and earning their wages.

The money is pouring into drug addiction and homeless housing, but the numbers keep rising.

The unemployed prefer public assistance to work to the minimum wage.

There is no repercussion for being in constant need and no personal sacrifice. Soon the recipients of the public purse will outnumber the workers and the taxpayers.

The public demanded the abolition of the death penalty, the legalization of marijuana, abortion on demand and soon the legalization of hard drugs.

Result: the breakdown of families and society.

“Integrity is the choice between what is practical and what is right. Tony Dungy, football coach.

Compare refugees who bring only their clothes, education and strong family ties, and willingly take the job with contempt.

They are soon employed or in their own businesses, and become valuable citizens.

Money spent on resettling refugees is never wasted.

How can we teach personal responsibility and accountability?

If a nation is not spiritually guided, the people will lose control of themselves.

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