Saba Qamar: storming the summer screen

Karachi: “I was really crossing my fingers that I didn’t have simultaneous releases,” says Saba Qamar, as she speaks to Instep Today about her Eid release Ghabrana Nahi Hai (GNH), “log beyzaar hojate hain eik hi shakal dekh kar.

Luckily, while not everything Saba has worked on in the last year has been released exactly together, three major projects have, or are about to hit, screens of varying sizes within weeks of each other.

While Mrs. and Mr. Shameem are garnering the praise they rightly deserve, Saba is busy working on the GNH promotion circuit. Although she’s slightly taken aback by her multiple outings, she’s, of course, proud too. GNH shows her in an avatar that we have just associated as the Saba Qamar brand: the badass woman. Kamli – which comes out in June – has him stretching his acting muscle, if we’re to trust the trailer alone.

With each role, Saba Qamar seems to put together the pieces of a puzzle that defines her as an actress and a human with a story. We are indeed convinced of her talent, but also note that she gravitates towards certain types of characters; the stronger, the better. Even if a character played by Saba Qamar starts out weak, he shows immense growth by the end of the story.

Perhaps she informs her choices and execution from her own experiences. As she explains why her character, Zubi, in GNH is so special to her, she gives us a little insight into her life.

“My family is conservative: pardeydaar and women are not allowed to work,” says Saba, recalling how she just found her calling in the performing arts. During an audition at PTV, organized by her mother’s friend, she came across a photographer who asked her to pose for a photo shoot on the lawn.

“I got paid Rs 2000 per outfit, for 25 outfits, and that’s when I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s what I want to do’.”

The actress has come a long way since her induction into acting and modeling in 2004, and though she slips in and out of characters like a chameleon, she declares, rather proudly, that the only thing that is self-expression pure and unadulterated is her Instagram. .

“That’s my thing, baby,” she says, “I think my Insta is where you’ll find me, and see what Saba Qamar is.”

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