Ron DeSantis’ fundraising email accuses Joe Biden of “bossy bullying”


Biden bashing is big business for the DeSantis committee.

Govt. Ron DeSantis resisted the temptation to respond to the president Joe biden‘s “governor who? ”diss early Friday. But his political committee blew up Biden nonetheless.

In a seven paragraph fundraising pitch, DeSantis’ political committee, Friends of Ron DeSantis, accused the Democratic president of “authoritarian bullying.”

“Joe Biden might want Governor DeSantis to step down so he can impose his radical agenda, but Governor DeSantis will not bow to bossy bullying from Joe Biden or anyone else. He will ALWAYS stand up for the freedom of Floridians, ”said the email, allegedly signed by DeSantis himself.

The email attempts to capitalize on a week of back and forth, with Biden treating DeSantis like a punchline Thursday with his “Governor Who” jibe. This came after DeSantis said he didn’t want to hear “spot“Out of Biden about COVID-19 mitigation until Biden got the border crisis under control, and he was”standing on the wayBiden’s response to the virus.

“Governor DeSantis is not looking to a presidential administration devoid of leadership for advice on how to deal with COVID. Instead, he’ll continue to follow the science and make data-driven decisions, ”thundered the DeSantis fundraising pitch.

“Florida will prioritize freedom and personal responsibility over ineffective policies implemented for no other reason than to make Joe Biden and his bureaucratic cronies feel like they’re doing something,” DeSantis added, stressing that the schools would be open and that there would be “no hiding the mandates.

DeSantis visited similar themes in an email Thursday highlighting the “standing in the way” comment, including the “bureaucratic lackeys”.

“So when Joe Biden tells me to get out of the way, I have news for him. I will ALWAYS stand between the power-hungry tyrants and the people of Florida,” DeSantis said.

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