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All purpose

TolyAK offers shockingly substantial non-fiction in his book “All Purpose”.

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, October 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Quebec filmmaker TolyAK shares a provocative collection of short stories and poems in his book, “All purpose. “

Apostolos Peter Kouormalis, or TolyAK, goes all the way with his expressions in “All Purpose”, an avant-garde and intimate outpouring of his thoughts and personal encounters.

The rough and raw themes of the book make it suitable reading only for an adult audience. Throughout the book, TolyAK speaks heavily about violence, sex, and relationships.

“All Purpose” also strongly recalls the stories of Tolyak’s father during World War II.
Its delivery and graphic images send a wave of passion and perception to readers.

While TolyAK’s work is full of self-explanations, this is the last book to shy away from. The three hundred and sixty pages of its emotional rawness make it ideal read for the audience who wants to explore the complex moments in someone else’s life.

With every turn of the page, one can see the unprecedented experiences that every human being goes through. Others may find the story of Apostolos unique, while others may find it a little too close to home.

As reviewed by the Book Excellence Awards, “All Purpose is an open and honest compilation of aspects of everyday life.”

In addition to writing books, Koroumalis is also a filmmaker, musician and artist. He took his first steps in the entertainment industry when he worked as a cartoonist for an Australian company.

He then worked in movie sets: directing, editing, writing and even production design.

Kouroumalis is surely a visionary and a creative. His book “All Purpose” is one of the many pieces he has produced, along with his short films and paintings.

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