Quincy Public Schools: 10.6.2021 Graffiti incident at Central Middle School



Dear Central College Community, Hateful and racist graffiti was found in one of our washrooms today. Graffiti is extremely offensive to the entire school community and will not be tolerated at Central Middle School. An investigation is underway and the offensive graffiti has been removed. Be aware that those identified as being involved in this misconduct will be held accountable and sanctioned appropriately. In the future, we will use this incident as an opportunity to reinforce that as a school community we stand for respect, attitude, motivation and safety and above all inclusion. We will continue to emphasize these values ​​at every opportunity inside and outside the classroom. If you or your student has any concerns about this incident, please do not hesitate to contact me at 617-984-8725 or by email at [email protected] Interim Assistant Principal Kathy Mahoney ([email protected]) and Guidance Counselors Matt Ramponi ([email protected]), Lili Moy ([email protected]) and Chrissy Shah ([email protected]) are available to speak with you or your student as well. Sincerely, Rick DeCristofaro, Jr. Principal, Central Middle School

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