QLD opposition leader denounces Palaszczuk’s anti-youth crime policy as “captive” of state “radical left”


Opposition leader David Crisafulli said Palaszczuk’s government has enabled the state to tackle youth crime by prioritizing the rights of the perpetrator over those of the victim.

Queensland opposition leader David Crisafulli lambasted the Palaszczuk government for sacrificing victim rights for author rights over “the alternative to hard left stupidity”.

Townsville has reported an increase in cases of illegal entry and illegal use of a motor vehicle and a growing assault rate three times higher than in South East Queensland.

The LNP is pushing the Palaszczuk government to make breach of bail an offense in an attempt to reduce crime – with multiple repeat offenders on the loose.

Speaking to Sky News Australia on Wednesday, Mr Crisafulli said the Queensland Labor government was refusing to introduce the change because it is “captive” of the “radical left”.

“Somehow there is this view that permeates the government that somehow it is a disastrous thing to hold people accountable for their actions,” he said. he declared.

“The government will not take the advice everyone has given them to deal with the crime crisis.

“They have pig’s heads, they have tin ears, they refuse to act, and innocent people in the far north and the north are caught in the crossfire.”

Mr Crisafulli’s scathing criticism of the Palaszczuk government’s approach to tackling youth crime comes as Labor say they are making record investments in law enforcement.

The opposition leader argued that the investment had no impact on youth crime, with “young thugs” being arrested and then released on bail.

“It’s the cops calling us saying ‘we’ve had enough, we arrest them and we see the same eyeballs committing the same crime in the same suburb,'” he said.

“The only thing that changes are the victims – another group of torn families.”

Mr Crisafulli said all of Labor’s strategies, including a plan to equip criminals with GPS trackers, had come to naught.

“It doesn’t matter because they can’t be held responsible for breaking the bail conditions anyway,” he said.

“I don’t understand why there is this absolute stubbornness in not admitting that they (Labor) got it wrong, that they are making the changes and bringing law and order back to what is a beautiful city.

He said Townsville was a “great liveable city” which was “torn apart” by a government that refused “to act and deal with a handful of young thugs.”

The opposition leader attributed the government’s inaction to the growing “dominance” of the left in the Palaszczuk government, saying that “the left leads the Labor Party”.

He also stressed that inaction should not be confused with compassion.

“We’re not talking about people who need a second chance, we are talking about people who are on their fifth chance, their tenth chance, their 50th chance,” he said.

He cited crime statistics showing that there have been over 30 offenders who have committed 50 or more crimes each in the past 12 months.

“This is the revolving door of the juvenile justice system in this state and it is shattered,” he said.

“It is to pass the rights of the aggressor over the rights of the victim to make a kind of political point on the altar of the stupidity of the hard left”.

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