Paul Renner denounces division, stresses GOP in nomination speech


Incoming speaker in Florida Paul renner extolled freedom while rejecting the division that stifles opposing thought in its naming speech.

House Republicans officially named Renner as their caucus leader on Tuesday morning, putting him in line to lead the House for the 2022-24 term.

In a speech that at times condemned the division and others stoked it, the new president-elect denounced division and radicalism nationwide while touting the Republican vision as good for Florida.

While rejecting political labels, Renner emphasized “two directions, two distinct visions,” one towards and the other away from freedom.

“This vision trusts the bureaucrats, the elites who believe in knowing what is best for us and willing to make decisions for us, controlling the health care we receive, controlling how our children are educated and controlling the part of our hard-won. the money we’re allowed to keep, believing they can spend it better, ”Renner said.

Florida Republicans embrace freedom, he continued. Meanwhile, he believes the competing vision has radicalized.

“Florida Republicans are champions of ‘We the People’,” Renner said before confirming his support for conservative values ​​such as the Second Amendment, public safety and law enforcement.

Renner denounced social media bans, group guilt and the marginalization of opposing views as a negative view. Radical views remind him of the false promises made in Cuba, he added.

“Bullying people into conforming to a narrow set of ideals is not progressive, and it is certainly not American,” Renner said.

However, the president-elect emphasized that Florida House is a place of civility and mutual respect.

Washington, DC, on the other hand, he said, is heading in the wrong direction and Florida could show the nation a better way.

“The best way to beat a bad idea is to have a good idea, and Florida is leading the way,” he said. “This is why I am so optimistic about the future of our state.”

Renner also highlighted education, health care and “preserving the beauty of Florida’s natural resources.”

Renner touted his military past and how he shaped his worldview, especially on teamwork.

representing Tom leek called Renner “a man of substance, a man of purpose”, and said he was perhaps “the most genuine person (he has) ever met inside or outside of this process”.

and speaker Chris stretches remembered Renner’s initial loss to the former rep. jay fant by two votes in Primary 2014. Renner was graceful in his loss, Sprowls noted.

“This guy is special, and he will be back,” he recalls.

In 2015, Renner was elected in a special election.

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