Oscar Mayer Street Meat rocks streetwear with Street Meat


Whether you’re whistling a tune or singing a jingle, Oscar Mayer is more than a hot dog in a bun or the meat in a sandwich. The iconic brand has been linked to pop culture long before brands appeared on bobs and sneakers. With the launch of Oscar Mayer Street Meat, the playfully-named food fashion line is adding some spice to this streetwear conversation.

When it comes to fashion, the conversation goes in many directions. From those unforgettable moments at the Met Gala and NYFW to simply deciding what to wear in the closet, the reality is that fashion is meant to be a personal expression. Sometimes fun meets function, but you don’t have to discuss it with a pretentious air.

With the new Oscar Mayer Street Meat fashion line, the idea is to bring fun back into fashion. Isn’t it about time someone took a bite of food fashion? Just like that wish to be an Oscar Mayer sausage, everyone will be in love with Street Meat.

According to Megan Land, Deputy Marketing Director, Oscar Mayer, “Oscar Mayer has a habit of eliciting smiles and lightness in things that have gotten too serious, and streetwear is ripe territory to playfully subvert. . The streetwear ethic is super serious and super exclusive, so we hope fans embrace the Oscar Mayer version of Meatwear and have some more fun dressing up this fall.

Oscar Mayer Street Meat capsule collection, photo provided by Oscar Mayer

The Street Meat is a 13-piece capsule collection. Borrowing from the uniforms of the Hotdoggers (the drivers of the Wienermobile), the pieces display the emblematic colors of the brand. Each piece has ‘meat inspired’ touches. From tracksuits to bob hats, the head-to-toe look is easy to create.

Thinking about this idea proves that food brands need to think outside of the bun. While this may be the first package to grab onto a store shelf, this connection and brand recognition can’t and shouldn’t be limited to the grocery store.

Just as food is an expression on a plate, a food brand is an expression of people’s personalities. It doesn’t always have to be serious, and it can be fun. While no one would want to eat a 14-course dinner every night, not all fashion pieces have to be haute couture. Having options is a treat for foodies and fashionistas.

Since Oscar Mayer always aims to bring the best to people, Street meat launches into the street. Some hot dog carts will sell this food fad. The locations are: LA (9/29): 7315 Melrose Ave, Atlanta (9/30): Atlantic Station (1380 Atlantic Drive), NYC (10/1): 185 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn.

What do you think of this latest food fad? Does he make you whistle a new tune?

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