Oppose Democrats’ Efforts to Make Abortion Taxpayer Funded


We are at a wonderful time in the fight to end abortion. For the first time in decades, there is an almost universal sense of hope among life advocates as states introduce an unprecedented number of bills that protect women and unborn children. Their optimism is reinforced by the prospect of these laws facing a Supreme Court that, for the first time in a long time, appears more supportive of the legitimate interest of states in protecting the lives of innocent people.

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We are happy to report that we are seeing firsthand this sense of hope across the country from the pro-life base. This includes the hundreds of thousands of Marchers for Life and the vast ranks of pro-life canvassers with Susan B. Anthony List who help put together pro-life candidates.


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But this hope is rivaled by the desperation of those who for decades have promoted and profited from abortion on demand. The two most powerful political allies in the abortion industry in Washington, DC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden, are so afraid of seeing a life win that they have focused their efforts on policies that require taxpayers to fund elective abortions and health care plans that pay for abortions.

Earlier this year, the Pelosi-led House passed supply bills that eliminated the long-standing Hyde Amendment and many other Hyde type protections. While we are convinced that the less radical Democrats in the Senate want to retain at least some of these pro-life protections, the more radical wing of the party will stop at nothing to further support the abortion industry of a billion dollars. They hope to do so through the budget reconciliation process, which could pass the Senate with just 50 pro-abortion votes. Such a vote would be a radical departure from more than 40 years of bipartisan pro-life politics.

Biden and Pelosi have was clear that the reconciliation process will focus on ‘health care’, and Democratic Party tragically defines taxpayer funding for abortion as part of health care. Pro-abortion Democrats hope to create a public option on Obamacare exchanges, while codifying and expanding Obamacare Premium Tax Credit – opening the door to further expansion of abortion funding.

To add to their extremism, Biden and Pelosi are known as Catholic politicians, but both have proclaimed their absolute support for abortion on demand, which is incompatible with the faith they claim to profess. As two leading Catholic women in Washington, we pray that the public will recognize this contradiction.

The most nefarious part of the Democratic strategy on this issue is their attempt to include Senator Raphael Warnock Tongue it would create a whole new right to healthcare beyond Hyde’s reach. It would replace the Medicaid program and would be funded by direct allocations of federal funds. This bill would bypass long-standing pro-life protections in current federal law as well as state law, to provide the equivalent of Medicaid coverage to states that have refused to expand Medicaid. This program would directly fund on-demand abortions without co-payment or premiums, even in pro-life states that have intentionally excluded funding for abortion from their health plans, and it could, in theory, pass even without one. only pro-life vote.

As Americans, we are still working to become a better nation – slaves have finally been freed, women have been emancipated, civil rights and the protection of voting rights have been guaranteed. But we still have a lot of improvements to make. Roe vs. Wade and his legal descendants continue to plague our nation, claiming more than 60 million innocent lives since 1973.

Unfortunately, we cannot repair all the damage that Roe vs. Wade has done to our people and our culture. But if we lose the Hyde protections that have saved nearly 2.5 million lives so far, every state in our country will be forced to fund on-demand abortion with its own public money, resulting in countless deaths. innocent unborn children. This will include up to 35 states that are currently exercising their right not to do so.

People who want to build a better nation have a duty to fight for life and freedom. We must begin by preventing the desperate efforts of Democratic leaders to make abortion a standard “service” paid for by the US government. A better future for our nation and our people is at stake.

Jeanne Mancini is president of March for Life and Marjorie Dannenfelser is president of Susan B. Anthony List.

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