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With more details to come regarding upcoming games Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon, fans are excited to see how the original’s beloved mechanics translate into Nintendo Switch remakes. In the latest Pokémon Presents showcase, it was confirmed that several Sinnoh fan favorites are back, including the Grand Underground, Pokémon contests, and Poké Ball decorations.

However, given the features available through Nintendo’s online service, it is possible that these classic aspects of the fourth generation Pokemon the games will not just come back, but will be improved. If it’s done well, Shiny diamond and shiny pearl can take the best aspects of the newer games in the franchise and apply them to the old mechanics that landed the beloved Gen IV games.

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Hearthome City amenities

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Super Contest Show

Hearthome City, the bustling metropolitan city in the heart of Sinnoh, has plenty of features that could be reinvented with access to global online gaming. The most obvious candidate for an online-oriented overhaul is the Contest Room, where players can dress up and show off their Pokémon to win ribbons and prizes. This mini-game could easily be reinvented to replace Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s Max Raid Battles, where players around the world can log in and show off their favorite Pokemon.

Another tip that could be taken from Sword and shield is the camping mechanic, where players can create campsites to play with and cook for their Pokemon with anyone who wants to visit you. While not a direct parallel, the Poffin house of Hearthome City allows players to whip up sweet treats for their Pokémon that improve their contest conditions, a mechanic that hasn’t been used since Gen IV games. Yet, just as in Sword and shield, cooking requires participating in a little mini-game that could be incredibly fun with multiple participants.

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The Grand Souterrain

pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl big underground

The characteristic of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl that could make the most of the Switch’s online capabilities is the Grand Underground. Sinnoh’s Undergrounf was always meant to be experienced alongside other players around the world, but it was limited by the technology of the Nintendo DS. Now that the game finds its way onto the Switch, online play in Sinnoh’s Underground can become what it was always meant to be.

In the original Underground, the main activity players could do was excavation. Digging into a wall has allowed players to mine for Gems, Evolutionary Items, Fossils, and more. Additionally, Underground players could set up secret bases, set traps, and play capture the flag with each other. While this feature was largely overlooked in the original games, though Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon take some advice from Sword and shield‘s Wild Area, the Grand Underground could become an incredible online hub.

This interactivity would revitalize the mechanics of the Underground. A mini-game from the original, “Flag Recovery”, involves sneaking into another player’s secret base, retrieving their flag, and returning to your own secret base undetected. This is complicated by the fact that you and your opponent can leave traps on the ground that hinder their progress, whether that’s throwing them in another direction or just pinging your exact location. This mini-game could be made much more enjoyable if the metro became an online hub.

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In addition, many features of the original Diamond and Pearl were only possible with online play in the metro. The customization of the Secret Bases was not completed until the player managed to collect 50 flags from their opponents, and the insanely rare Pokémon Spiritomb could only be obtained by interacting with 32 other players in the Underground. While it’s unclear how these mechanics will translate into remakes, the Switch’s online capabilities will allow these features to finally reach their full potential.

Constant access to online

Pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl union hall

While Pokémon Diamond and Pearl have many features that are worth adapting for the Switch, others may better stay in the originals, depending on how they’re executed. One of those features is the Union Room, through which players of the original games could communicate online or locally to exchange, chat and fight. While there is certainly some nostalgia associated with the tennis court’s green room, the idea of ​​relegating online gambling to a room separate from the rest of the game is outdated.

In Sword and Shield, for example, online fighting, trading, and other forms of interaction could be done in the background as players continued their journey through Galar. Online play became part of the game rather than a separate feature that had to be done on its own. It was a revolutionary change that Shiny diamond and shiny pearl should definitely maintain.

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It has been confirmed that the Union Room will be back, although we still don’t have full details on what that will entail. It’s possible Shiny diamond and shiny pearl will keep this universally accessible online format and simply use the Union Room as another option to play online. Either way, the days of spending hours playing in a small room just to interact with other players are over, and Shiny diamond and shiny pearl should reflect this.

So far, the remakes diligently follow what made the originals great, bringing back classic features fans loved 15 years ago, as well as new features like character customization and Pokémon tracking. With all the potential for self-expression included in these games, it would be a shame if gamers couldn’t share these experiences with the world.

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