Nursery staff “disappointed by the vandals who destroyed the forest school”

The management of a nursery outside Oswestry has expressed disappointment after the school’s outdoor area was damaged, after the two vandals who targeted its forestry school surrendered to police.

Caroline Rolls, headmistress of Unicorn Nursery, in Maesbury, said she faced a scene of severe vandalism when the school opened on Tuesday after the bank holiday weekend.

This included offensive graffiti painted on the site and damage to equipment as well as the nursery’s fish pond, and she said that although the two boys came forward, they were still disappointed.

She said: “We opened this morning at 7am and I saw a bicycle helmet on the fence which was strange.

“But when I opened the doors, the whole school in the forest had been painted with pictures of male genitalia, and there was paint everywhere, and the children’s cars were destroyed.

“They had both jumped up and down on the roof – lots of vandalism.

“They removed the hose from our aquarium which drained the water in it and the police came at 7am but they didn’t catch them.

“One of the boys phoned to admit it was him.

“We were sad for the kids, but we’re lucky to have a nice big outdoor space for them to use other things.

“But they can’t use the forest school which is our main outdoor space at the nursery and they’ve all asked why can’t they?

“They were asking if bad people had come to our garden.”

Caroline confirmed her bosses would press charges and urged the youngster to do the right thing.

She added: “We want them to deal with other people’s property – our kids are two and three and they don’t deal with property like that.

“They stayed an hour here, having fun.

“We named and humiliated all over Facebook.”

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