Nissan is ending production of Datsun-branded vehicles – but will sell remaining stock

Datsun helped Japanese automakers become a major global player after World War II. Production was halted in 1981, but three decades later it was revived. Now Nissan has decided to stop production again

Datsun Sunny 120Y

Automotive giant Nissan is dropping the Datsun name again.

Datsun helped Japanese automakers become a major global player after World War II.

But after selling 20 million cars worldwide, Nissan decided in 1981 to phase out the name.

However, three decades later it was revived, with a new Datsun model going on sale in India in 2012.

But now Nissan has decided to end production again.

In 2020, it stopped the production of Datsun cars in Russia and Indonesia.

A Nissan spokesperson said the company would continue to sell its stock of Datsun cars, adding, “We can reassure all current and future Datsun owners that customer satisfaction remains our top priority.”

Paul Newman pushes his car into the pits as he prepares to practice for the Trans-Am 100 race in 1984


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It came as Nissan said it wanted to focus on “the core models and segments that bring the most benefit to customers”.

Datsun’s history dates back to 1911 when Japanese engineer Masujiro Hashimoto established a company in Tokyo.

Three years later, the company launched its first car under the name DAT – for Durable, Attractive, Trustworthy.

The first Datsun-branded cars followed in 1931.

A new Datsun model went on sale in India in 2012


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After World War II, Datsun became known for making small and reliable cars, but in the late 1960s it released sporty models such as the 240Z to appeal to the American market.

The Datsun Cherry and Sunny models were also big sellers.

The Datsun name was phased out in the UK in 1984, with the launch of the Nissan Micra.

Among famous Datsun riders was Hollywood actor Paul Newman who raced a 280ZX in 1979, winning a number of events in the United States. It went on sale in 2020 with a price tag of $7m (£5.5m).

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