New California Surname Law Allows Advertising Leniency for Real Estate Licensees

Not sure what to do with those hundreds of business cards with your old name?

Real estate licensees must follow the Publicity Rules, which require each licensee to disclose on all solicitation materials:

  • Last name;
  • license number; and
  • using the identity of the broker. [Calif. Business and Professions Code 10140.6(b)(1)]

A new law eases the restrictions, allowing some leniency for licensees who have changed their name.

Assembly Bill (AB) 830 allows anyone who legally changes their surname after having already obtained a license to continue to use the name associated with the original license. Both names can be used for trading actions. When filing, the original surname does not count as a fictitious name. The real estate license holder must have both names on file with the Department of Real Estate (DRE)

To make a name change, the licensee can use eLicensing to quickly update their information.

Alternatively, there are several forms provided by DRE for updating a license – DRE can be notified via these forms, including:

  • vendor change request [See RE 214];
  • broker change request [See RE 204];
  • company change request [See RE 204A]; and
  • and Broker-Associate Notice of Affiliation. [See RE 215]

The vendor and broker forms each include checkboxes for types of change, including: “personal name change”. This is where a license holder can verify legal name changes and enter their new information.

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