‘My jaw dropped when I saw it’: Plainville fire department vandalized

(WSYR-TV) – The Onondaga County Sheriff is investigating the vandalism of the Plainville Fire Department building in Baldwinsville overnight.

Someone spray painted hateful remarks about African Americans and the Jewish community on the side of the department building. A window was also smashed to the fire department.

The graffiti was found on Saturday morning when one of the station commissioners walked past the department and noticed vandalism on the north side of the building.

“My jaw dropped when I saw it,” Andrew Rice, one of the Plainville Fire Department commissioners, told NewsChannel 9.

Rice says firefighters are going to have to paint the entire side of the building that was spray painted, and they’ll also have to replace the broken window. He hopes that by bringing this story to the public it will help find the person or people who did this.

“It’s extremely offensive to everyone. I can’t believe people still do this stuff.

Plainville Fire Commissioner Andrew Rice

Until the weather improves, firefighters plan to cover up the offensive language.

If you have any information about this crime, you can contact the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office.

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