MUSD offers innovative and specialized academic courses


Each child is unique and all have diverse interests and needs that stimulate their curiosity. Maricopa Unified School District offers a wide range of top-notch programs for families interested in innovative academic and specialty courses.

The MUSD community kindergarten features fun, skill-based activities that help kids explore science, literacy, math, art, music, and more. Our rich curriculum aligns with Arizona’s Early Learning Standards to develop skills and promote healthy socio-emotional development. Students work and play together to explore their curiosities, build confidence, and develop problem-solving skills for a love of lifelong learning.

For more information or to book the next available opening call:
Butterfield Elementary School – 520-568-6100
Santa Cruz Primary School – 520-568-5170
Santa Rosa Primary School – 520-568-6150

The Bilingual immersion program introduces preschool and kindergarten students to a second language. The world of bilingualism, bi-literacy and cultural skills comes to life as students receive instruction and explore content in English and Spanish. Dual language immersion develops the building blocks that will prepare students to speak a second language fluently.

For more information, contact Santa Rosa Primary School at 520-568-6150

Academics who thrive in independent and online learning models are ideal for Maricopa Virtual Academy. The program combines rigor and flexibility to capture a full online experience. Because MVA is part of the Maricopa Unified School District, we offer a unique online experience taught by MUSD certified teachers. This model enables personalized instruction and guidance by teachers and guidance counselors right here in Maricopa.

For more information, contact Maricopa Virtual Academy at 520-568-5196 ext. 1072.

Blended learning courses are available at Maricopa Wells and Desert Wind Colleges. The program offers a learning environment that combines traditional teaching and project-based learning at your own pace, imbued with rigor and relevance. Students put their forward-thinking, creative problem-solving skills to the test by collaborating on projects aimed at solving real-world problems.

For more information, contact Desert Wind Middle School at 520-568-7110 or Maricopa Wells Middle School at 520-568-7100.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) prepares students for a range of high-demand skilled trades in a global society. Students take certified courses and gain practical experience in their future careers. The programs include:

  • Networks and IT systems
  • Sports medicine
  • Automotive
  • Academic and professional technology
  • Digital photography
  • Culinary
  • Staging
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Engineering

New for this year are Aviation, Education and Agroscience.

For more information, contact Maricopa High School CTE at 520-568-8100 ext. 4015.

The innovative program enables students to develop the skills that matter most to college success, such as research, collaboration, and communication. Students register for one-year courses in AP seminar and AP research. Students who score 3 or higher in both classes earn an AP Seminar and Research certificate. Students can also pursue an AP Capstone degree by achieving a grade of 3 or higher in the AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP exams of their choice, signifying outstanding academic results and the acquisition of academic skills and college-level research.

For more information, contact Maricopa High School at 520-568-8100 ext. 4094.

The Arizona Master of Arts Seal was adopted to celebrate students who demonstrate high levels of mastery of Arizona arts education standards through personal expression and creative experiences in the programs. arts education.

For more information, contact Maricopa High School at 520-568-8100 ext. 4094.

This story was first published in the September edition of InMaricopa magazine.

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