More volunteer waste pickers take part in World Cleanup Day



Volunteers from a local business joined forces to pick up litter on World Cleanup Day in September, to show they care about nature and their communities.

The Tamworth City Council street scene team provided DHL LLP employees with waste collection materials as part of the global campaign and #GoCleanGoGreen initiative.

Employees are encouraged to volunteer and participate in the waste collection initiative from Monday August 23 through Thursday October 31 to help make a difference in their local communities and fulfill DHL Supply Chain’s mission of collecting at least 5 000 bags of waste across the UK. and Ireland.

Last week, a small team from DHL LLP weren’t put off by the wind and rain when they set foot in Tamworth by volunteering their time to support the community and contribute to #GoCleanGoGreen.

In Tamworth, Borough Council Street Scene crews pick up trash and litter seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, including statutory holidays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

They are regularly supported by community-driven groups and individuals who are already volunteering their time to help keep the city clean throughout the year – but there is always more work to be done.

Tamworth City Council is encouraging more people to join a local waste collection group to help keep parks, streets and local areas clean and to lend a hand in declaring that garbage pollution is not acceptable .

Anyone wishing to pick up litter in their area is urged to contact the Street Scene team on 01827 709709, who will advise you on places needing special attention, provide litter pickers and bags, give health advice and security and organize the collection of bagged waste. .

Cllr Robert Pritchard, Deputy Head of Tamworth City Council, said: “Thank you to our local DHL supply chain employees for helping our teams with the choice of local waste.

“It’s incredibly difficult to keep Tamworth as clean as possible, 365 days a year, it’s a big job, so we are so grateful to the volunteers who pick up the litter who help us make such a big difference on our streets.

“We hope people will recognize the hard work of our team and volunteers in cleaning up our shoulders, roadsides, parks, streets and local nature reserves. It is an ongoing task and in an ideal world people would not drop their trash. If we all do our part, we can make a difference.

“We encourage everyone to think about the impact we have on the environment and be inspired to take a garbage collector and a bag and give even more parks, residential areas and public spaces a good one. deep cleaning. “

On average, Tamworth City Council’s Street Scene team sweeps around 80 tons of trash and trash from the streets each month and manually picks up around 40 tons of trash and spill waste.

The mechanically swept waste is transferred to a recovery site in Coleshill where oils and other recyclable materials are extracted. Among the handpicked waste, scrap metal, electrical appliances and hazardous waste are removed and the rest is sent to a “waste to energy” treatment plant where it is converted into electricity.

Tamworth City Council also has over 900 trash and dog bins. The borough-wide cyclical bin emptying program is implemented seven days a week, with bins in high demand areas being serviced more than once a day.

In addition, the council responds to service reports and aims to dispose of dumped waste within five days of receipt and has a 24 hour response time for disposal of high priority waste such as syringes, graffiti. offensive, drug-related waste and broken glass.

All residents who wish to get involved are welcome to join local groups such as the Tamworth Volunteer Litter Pickers Facebook group or The Tamworth Resident’s Cool Pickers, and be part of a community of local residents who pick up litter.

Alternatively, if you would like to get involved with local waste choices from volunteers or conservation groups, contact the Wild About Tamworth Project Manager: Mobile: 07970 067711 or email: [email protected]

It is a criminal offense to throw garbage. People can be fined £ 80 if they are spotted dropping litter, with a maximum penalty of £ 2,500.


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