More local content, more advertising opportunities – TVNZ’s pitch to advertisers

Following the announcement by TVNZ of its 2022 programming via virtual Showcase, StopPress sat down with Network Sales Director Jodi O’Donnell for a discussion on what the proliferation of digital, on-demand and local content means for advertisers.

What sets TVNZ content (especially local content) apart from its competitors in a growing market?

The breadth and depth of our content offering is a priority for TVNZ – we want our content to reach all of Aotearoa, however they look. Our New Zealand identity is also at the heart of what makes and sets TVNZ apart, we are committed to reflecting the stories of the Kiwis on our screens. Along with a very diverse content offering, our multiplatform approach is what makes us the most watched network in New Zealand.

Why such a push for more local content / formats? What do audience trends suggest?

We know New Zealanders love to watch their own stories on screen, our local content resonates strongly with viewers. Telling these unique Kiwi stories is important for TVNZ, and in an increasingly fragmented market, this is a key point of difference for us. There are also so many more opportunities for our advertising partners to integrate local content, so not only do we know our viewers want to watch local TVNZ formats, New Zealand businesses can benefit from this trend as well.

OnDemand seems to be a priority for TVNZ, why? Why not just stream content to new free channels?

While broadcast television still constitutes the majority of our audience, we can also see that audiences are turning to digital viewing options. TVNZ OnDemand is growing exponentially – we now reach one million viewers per week on TVNZ OnDemand. We know the future is digital. We are planning how we can continue to deliver to our audience in the future, and we are focused on leading the way in digital migration – our job now is to grow our online audience faster than TV audiences shrink. The development of our new IP platform is a multi-year project, but we are really excited about what it can offer viewers.

Tell Me About Re: Is TVNZ experiencing strong growth in personalized content and sponsored content opportunities within its local content?

Re: offers a unique perspective and its content is consumed by a harder-to-reach youth audience. For brands, engaging with these potential consumers in an authentic way is crucial – it offers a unique advertising service focused on partnership and the creation of tailor-made content. Re: collaborates with advertisers on how to tell engaging stories for young people.

Jodi O’Donnell.

What does this type of sponsorship offer advertisers that are different from a 30-second spot, for example?

There are so many options for advertisers to share their brands’ stories outside of the 30 second spot. TVNZ Blacksand partnerships work with advertisers in the content creation space like ASB Backing Business or Xero Business Updates, or there is on-show integration like Tim Tams on Celebrity Treasure Island or Toyota in the Americas Cup . We can develop innovative formats such as My Food Bag menu boards to partner with new ideas for funded shows, such as a new local show. Cooks on fire. And let’s not forget all the weekly opportunities within Breakfast and Seven Sharp where we can bring community stories to life, such as New World offering cuteness with supermarket coupons, or showcasing our own backyard with Tourism New Zealand’s campaign to ‘do something new’ in New Zealand -Zeeland.

On TVNZ channels and platforms, we focus on providing a range of solutions for advertisers to interact with customers. While traditional spot advertising or sponsorship of a piece of content are proven and useful tools for advertisers, there are many other options for brands today. A lot of that can be seen in the onboarding space, but digital advertising has also become more immersive. TVNZ OnDemand offers options such as paused ads and connected interactive TV ads where brands can be part of the viewing experience.

Do you have any statistics to share on the performance of your dynamic ad insertion since lunch last year?

Live streaming of TVNZ channels on TVNZ OnDemand has increased significantly. For the month of October, live broadcasts increased 59% year-on-year (5.8 million live broadcasts). Live streams now represent 20% of total TVNZ OnDemand streams each month.

Outside of your content opportunities, are there any innovative new formats you are working / planning on to create new ways for advertisers to connect with your audiences in 2022?

TVNZ is delighted to continue to offer innovative formats to its advertising partners. Watch our new local version of THE LEGO® MASTERS in 2022 to see how we’re working with our sponsoring partner to bring their brand to life, more relevant than ever. TVNZ is also working on new ways to target high-quality data segments, providing richer branding opportunities for our advertisers. TVNZ continues to improve and expand data capabilities to meet the needs of advertisers.

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