Massachusetts High School Removes Instagram Profile Where Black Students Are Called ‘Slaves’, Reports As Hate Crime

A New England community is dealing with the aftermath of racial cyberbullying with a newly created (and disabled) Instagram account called “fhsslaves”.

The profile, titled to invoke fanatical memory of America’s shameful past, featured photos of black and African American students at Fitchburg High School and is under investigation by police.

WCVB reported that Jeremy Roche, the principal of the school, contacted parents by email on Friday, December 10 to alert them to the page. He told them that the school administration was working to have it removed and had contacted Instagram to report the profile as a hate crime.

(Courtesy) Fitchburg Alumni Association

It is reported that within 18 hours the page was deactivated.

He wrote, “Ultimately these types of social media sites serve to divide and tear apart the positive, welcoming and inclusive school culture that we work so hard to create here at FHS.”

Roche also informed the Fitchburg Police Department, which is currently investigating the crime, and issued the following statement: “Detectives in our department are working closely with school officials on this matter. “

Fitchburg Public School principal Robert Jokela shared a statement on Facebook acknowledging the incident, calling it “unacceptable.” The statement said in part, “The goal of Fitchburg Public Schools is to provide a welcoming and belonging environment for all students.

Jokela and Roche aren’t the only ones upset by the offensive social media profile, students too. A student, who is in his final year in high school, told NBC Boston he was “disgusted.”

Another senior from Fitchburg added, “They take pictures of black people, post them as slaves, and I’m like, OK Jesus. I don’t know who would do this, but it’s terrible.

“It’s a little embarrassing for us because we’re better than that,” said another student.

While Thomas would like to think Americans are better than that, a recent increase in racial violence in Massachusetts at colleges, high schools, and college campuses says otherwise.

Last month, the Boston Globe published its findings that players on the Danvers High School men’s hockey team not only suffered contemptuous hazing and harassment based on race and sexuality, but that the schools deliberately “covered up” the allegations for 16 months.

One of the claims is that the team was having a group chat that regularly posted memes and fanatic posts.

Massachusetts institutions of higher learning like Mount Holyoke College, Saint John Paul II School on Cape Cod, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst have all reported incidents of graffiti and anti-Semitic or racist messages on their campuses, proving that Fitchburg is not alone in facing this challenge of intolerance and diversity.

According to United States census data, blacks make up 5% of the population. Whites total 62.8% and Latinos are the second largest population with 28.8%.

Roche told parents that he and his administration will do whatever they can “stop these types of social media sites and divisive forces” and are 100% committed to making everyone feel safe and secure. welcome.

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