Letter to the Editor: Putin hailed by American radicals | Winchester Star

Today, there are American leaders and American voters from a major political party praising and applauding Vladimir Putin.

It is generally the party which believes itself to be the most patriotic, the most ardent protector of democracy and the most combatant of tyranny. These Americans are also supporting our own Capitol’s violent insurgency because they don’t like the results of the last free and fair election, making it the first time in our modern history that we haven’t had peaceful transfer of power.

These Americans have railed against the evil of the “other” major political party for implementing health protections during a deadly global pandemic. They believe these are Nazi tactics implemented by an autocratic party.

Yet here we are, Russia has poisoned dissidents, imprisoned and murdered journalists, interfered in our elections through cyber trolling and made Putin a “leader for life”.

The Russian government runs a state media propaganda machine, is brutal to all citizens who want freedom, and is by no means a democracy. Now they have launched a violent and unprovoked invasion of a neighboring country and put the whole world in peril.

There are American leaders and American voters from any of our major political parties who have praised and applauded Vladimir Putin.

Even if you consider yourself a “regular” (non-radical) member of this party, please reconsider your continued support or voice what you want your party to stand for. I hope it’s for democracy and freedom.

Wendy Werner


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