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South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has sacked two ministers and an adviser in northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

Kiir, in a decree published on Saturday, did not give reasons for his decision, which comes less than a year after these appointments.

Some officials, however, attributed the changes to Governor Tong Akeen Ngor’s recommendations in which he allegedly asked Kiir to dismiss the two ministers of state and an adviser.

They cited the lack of loyalty and connection with political competitors as having influenced the president’s decision to sack these officials.

According to the presidential decree, Kiir removed Information Minister Abraham Wol Kom, replacing him with William Anyuon Kuol.

The South Sudanese leader, in the decree, also sacked the Minister of Education, Valentino Achak Deng, and replaced him with Bol Akok.

Akok held the post of Minister of State for Animal Resources and Fisheries.

Meanwhile, Kiir also removed his post as adviser Arkanjelo Athian Teng Angok, a former vice governor and veteran of the liberation struggle, without replacement or new assignment.

Likewise, two former ministers and an adviser to the state of northern Bahr El Ghazal in South Sudan welcomed their recent dismissal, eliciting positive comments from members of the ruling party (SPLM) on the platforms. social media.

Valentino Achak Deng, a former education minister who was sacked last week by a presidential directive, greeted his impeachment with gratitude.

“I am relieved and grateful,” Deng wrote on his Facebook page hours after his withdrawal without further comment. His supporters and admirers, some of whom wished him luck, hailed his decision to purify the air, consoling themselves that “a bright future awaits”. “Who knows, you might be the next governor to sit in this same office that Tong Akeen Ngor occupies,” one commentator wrote.

Abraham Wol Kom, former information minister, also welcomed his dismissal from office, pledging loyalty to the ruling SPLM which he joined at a young age.

Arkangelo Athian Teng Angok, former vice governor and veteran of the war liberation struggle, followed suit. He welcomed his dismissal, describing it as “a normal practice in public life”.

He wondered what had motivated his dismissal by the South Sudanese leader.

Supporters speculate that his credentials and seniority in the party structure could have led Governor Ngor to be suspected of seeing him as one of the silent competitors on whose behalf Juba politicians are campaigning to succeed him. Angok neither denies nor confirms the speculation. Some describe him as a potential candidate and one of those who could be a good choice, given his political background in the liberation struggle as well as his years of service in various capacities.

Others, however, see it differently, arguing that an unassigned dismissal puts his political future in uncertainty, with few observers willing to predict he could be among those who will emerge as the immediate replacement afterwards. the usual bargaining between competitors.

“Politics is life’s unfair game and given the way President Salva Kiir does his things Arkenjelo Athian could be the next replacement,” said one commentator. He gave the example of Paul Malong Awan, former governor of the state and his political competitor, General Dau Aturjong Nyuol with whom he had always contested the functions of leadership and command, including the elections for the post of governor of 2010.

“Did you watch what he did to Paul Malong?” Malong never wanted Dau Aturjong to serve at home in any capacity, whether in the army or in politics, especially after having contested the 2010 elections with him. But what happened? Kiir appointed him as the division commander and took him to Wunyiik immediately after the kidnapping of Paul Malong. So don’t be overconfident, ”he warned.

Others overlooked his outlook, preferring a candidate from the Luo ethnicity, prompting additional comments.

“You drink from a cup. Broaden your outlook, ”said another in a WhatsApp discussion group. “There is a noticeable trend before and after these changes. The deletion could just be another trigger for this campaign like the talk on this social media platform ”.

“From what I have read, it is likely that President Kiir decides this time to appoint a new governor from among the Luo. And I support this because they are part of us in the State and they have never had the opportunity to become governor since the creation of the State in 1994, ”he said. he commented.

A senior presidential source said the president wanted at least three names he would choose from, but the decision was stalled due to overwhelming name submissions, some of which lack professional experience.

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