Islamophobia: Sharif calls on the world to condemn Quran burnings in Sweden

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday called on the international community to take note of the recent spate of Islamophobic incidents that have taken place in Sweden and the Netherlands.

The violence began on Thursday after a demonstration organized by Rasmus Paludan, leader of the radical Danish political party Hard Line (Danish: Stram Kurs).

Paludan, who was given permission to stage a series of protests across Sweden over the Easter weekend, is notorious for his Quran burnings. He planned and carried out the Islamophobic protest, posting a photo of himself on social media with a burning Quran and declaring his intention to burn more.

40 people have so far been injured in riots. Some 26 police officers and 14 members of the public were injured, a police spokesman said, adding that police had arrested 26 people, including four minors, in the southern city of Linköping and eastern Norrköping where the violence started on Friday.

There would be “more to come” as police analyze the footage, the spokesperson added.

“The people of Pakistan and Muslims around the world are deeply hurt by the recent incidents of Islamophobia in Sweden and the Netherlands,” Sharif said in a tweet.

He said the international community must condemn these incidents and stressed that steps must be taken to control such “heinous behavior”.

He also insisted on unity against Islamophobia.

Earlier in a statement, the Foreign Office said that “these provocative and senseless Islamophobic incidents have served no purpose other than to hurt the sensibilities of over 1.5 billion Muslims living around the world. entire”.

“Such actions are not covered by legitimate expressions of the right to freedom of expression or opinion, which carry responsibilities under international human rights law, such as the obligation not to hold of hate speech and incitement to violence,” he added.

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