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Did you know that you can get paid to advertise your car? Whether you drive to work, run errands, visit friends, or hit the gym, you can earn extra cash just by putting stickers or wrappers on your car.

If you are looking for a passive income stream and don’t mind driving your car with ads, this can be a great way to make some extra cash.

6 auto companies that pay you to advertise your car

You may have already seen several cars and SUVs on the road in your area with one or two advertisements on them. This is because there are several car advertising companies that pay drivers to promote their businesses while driving in town. Here are six legitimate auto advertising companies with offers to consider.

1. Carvertize

Founded in 2012, Carvertise is a popular automotive advertising company that employs thousands of drivers across the country. The company partners with several popular brands including Lyft, DoorDash, Netflix, DraftKings and more.

How the program works

To enroll in the Carvertise program, visit their website and complete an application form. The information required includes your name, email address, phone number, and address. The company will put you in touch with brands targeting the area you visit frequently and your driving habits.

Once you are licensed to become a driver, the company will place an advertisement on your car and pay you monthly by direct deposit. The amount you can earn with Carvertise varies depending on the length of the campaign.

On average, drivers working for Carvertise earn a base salary of $ 100 per month for the duration of the campaign. After the campaign ends, Carvertise removes the ad.


  • Nationwide benefits
  • Freedom to choose campaigns and brands

The inconvenients

  • Must drive at least 30 miles per day
  • Newer car requirement, 2008 or later

2. Car-Bucks

The Car Bucks Vehicle Advertising Network connects commuters who want to display ads on their cars and get paid for it. Because Bucks places “transparent” stickers on your rear windows and you get paid for them.

How the program works

The company connects advertisers and car owners who want to advertise their vehicles. Once recruited, payment is made monthly and depends on the travel time of the vehicle. They also have a smartphone tracking app that continues to capture the movement of your car.

Car Bucks hires drivers for three, six and 12 month campaigns. Payments range from $ 20 to $ 25 per month for a single ad. On average, you can earn up to $ 300 per year with just one banner. However, the payout depends on your campaign and driving schedule.


  • Launch long campaigns
  • Small size banner ads make it easy to install on the rear windows
  • Ability to display multiple ads

The inconvenients

  • Low income potential
  • No choice of ads or favorite brands

3. Wrapify

Founded in 2015, Wrapify works with advertisers who are passionate about moving billboards. The company places these ads on your car and pays you based on mileage.

How the program works

The first step in becoming a Wrapify advertiser is to download your app. After that, you need to fill out a profile on the app, followed by their onboarding process. Then you cycle your normal routes for 50 miles under the Wrapify app tracker. You will receive campaign invitations based on your driving habits and location.

Once invited, you can register on the app and have the advertising stickers installed on your car. Depending on the miles driven, most Wrapify drivers earn a monthly income of between $ 174 and $ 452.


  • Ability to accept or decline offers
  • Campaigns are shown in brackets so you can choose the period that suits you
  • Payments made every other Friday

The inconvenients

  • Must pass a background check
  • 2010 or newer car without significant damage
  • Early termination fees

4. Sticker tower

Launched in Europe in 2013, StickerRide helps drivers minimize their car expenses through discounts. They currently have over 35,000 drivers participating in their advertising services.

How the program works

Download the StickerRide app on your phone and register your car. Pick an ongoing ad campaign and visit the business location to have your vehicle cleaned and ad stickers repaired.

Once you get the stickers you automatically start to earn while driving. Simply activate the app while driving for StickerRide to determine your miles and payment. Each mile saved multiplied by your fare gives you one point. The rates depend on the type of sticker displayed, the type of car and the location.

Payments vary depending on your location, the type of car you drive, and the miles driven.


  • Opportunity to increase your income by participating in fun activities
  • You can calculate your potential income before applying
  • Freedom to choose the preferred sticker location

The inconvenients

  • Vehicle requirements for each campaign vary

5. Reference Cars

It is an automotive advertising company that matches drivers with commission-based, commission-free campaigns. If you are a driver, you bid online for the campaigns in your area.

How the program works

To work with ReferralCars, you search for the campaigns available in your area on their website. You can then fill out a quick online quote form where you give details about the age of your car, miles driven in a year, insurance, and whether you’re driving for Uber or Lyft.

If you are accepted, the company contacts you with campaign details. You will then pay the cost of shipping the sticker, which will be sent to you to begin the ad posting process. In addition, you can activate the offer by entering the keywords shown on the company’s website. Then attach the sticker to your car. Send proof photos for the payment process to be activated. For longer campaigns, you must submit photos on the first of every month to prove the sticker’s continued display.

Earning on ReferralCars depends on a campaign and whether you get paid on commission. The company says you can win within 90 days of participating in a campaign or get a gift card worth $ 100.


  • They use little stickers.
  • ReferralCars guarantees returns within the first 90 days, in the form of payment or gift card

The inconvenients

  • Drivers pay decal shipping costs
  • They do not offer decal placement services

6. Pay me to drive

Unlike the other companies we’ve mentioned, Pay Me for Driving focuses on hiring drivers in the St. Louis, Missouri area. It is also one of the car advertising companies with less restrictions and requirements.

How the program works

Drivers can apply online at the company’s website, where the company first checks its credibility. If you qualify, the company will invite you to participate in campaigns and will affix an advertising sticker to your car.

The company hires drivers who live and work in St. Louis City and St. Charles. The earnings depend on the type of campaign and the structure of the pay scale. You can get an average of $ 300 to $ 1,000 per month.


  • Concerts that are easy to obtain
  • Multiple stickers allowed

The inconvenients

  • Limited to St. Louis City and St. Charles drivers

Final take

If you spend most of your time behind the wheel, you must have thought of different ways to earn extra money at the same time. Placing advertisements on your car can help you do this and cover some of your car expenses. Any of the above companies could be a good choice. But remember, they all have different terms and payouts, so it’s wise to be more diligent before choosing one.

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