How this fashion designer used self-expression to start her business

We’ve partnered with Dell to unleash your creative potential.

We’re officially at the end of the massive Dell XPS Open Studio campaign, but we still have a bunch of really talented people to show the world.

ICYMI: Over the past six months or so, we’ve found first-time talent all over the place (see: New Zealand and Australia) to help us with a multitude of different briefs, all dedicated to self-expression.

From design and photography to music and film, the best in the business have injected their own creativity into the art they have been commissioned to create.

Our next top talent comes in the form of Colette Emilie, a fashion stylist who jumped on the campaign to offer her mentoring expertise.

PEDESTRIAN.TV chatted with Collette to get an overview of the brief and wonderful world of farshun, dahling.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: What initially intrigued you about this brief?

Collette Emily: I am very passionate about being a fashion designer. I love how creative, expansive, stimulating and rewarding my role as a stylist is and can be. I created my company and my brand out of intuition, passion and a desire to make my mark in the world in style.

I have learned so much over the years and have been able to organize my own personal approach to the industry and the creative process. I was really excited about the opportunity to take on the role of mentor and teach the industry to an aspiring stylist, guide her through my creative process and work alongside her collaboratively to give life to a great vision.

P.TV: How often do you use your style to express yourself on a daily basis?

That all. Day. Style is not about the clothes you wear, but How? ‘Or’ What you wear them. I like to use style as a tool to express who I am with the world. My style has been my resume, my marketing and my tool to make my mark in the fashion industry.

I truly am a “statement stylist”. I like to be extra. I love to wear fabulous colors, prints, sequins, lace, latex etc. I love to mix and match fabrics and styles and add my own flavor to the way I put them together.

I often mix high-end designer items with streetwear, take pieces made for the day and dress them for the night, etc. Style is how to say who you are without even having to speak and I really have fun letting my style speak for me.

P.TV: How does your role in the industry support your personal expression and guide others in their personal expression through styling?

CE: I always want to inspire my clients and my audience to express themselves in style! I have write a book called The Style Guide: How to Take Your Wardrobe, Confidence, and Style to the Next Level. I share the exact formula I used to create my own style and that of hundreds of women around the world. The book offers stylist tools and tips on how to unlock your personal style.

I know that expressing who I am through my style comes very naturally to me, but not everyone does. I think it’s my role in the industry to help other women have just as much fun with their style. Life is your trail and I want everyone to own it.

P.TV: How did you use the Dell XPS to help you get things done while working with Chrystalla?

CE: The laptop was a great tool to help me communicate coherently with the mentee Cristalla throughout this project. We communicated across a variety of platforms and the XPS was fabulous to have on hand for Zoom meetings, emails, WhatsApp messaging, and Insta DMs. We used various visual and graphics programs online to create mood boards for the project, and the laptop was fast and efficient with downloads and great to use for editing as well.

P.TV: What was the most difficult task of the brief?

CE: Having experience in the industry compared to working with someone who has none was an important part that as a mentor I needed to devote the most time and attention. The most important aspect on which to teach and guide Chrystalla was how the industry worked. You can study and learn beforehand, but the most you learn will be to be practical with the job.

The fashion and design industry is changing very quickly and things are constantly changing. The most important element was for Chrystalla to learn and to be guided to be flexible and adaptable to these changes. There is no one other than us to find the style fix, so it was important for her to learn to keep a cool head and be positive and practical no matter what. My mantra is: there is always a solution. For Chrystalla to learn and appropriate this mantra was essential for us to be able to complete this project.

P.TV: What was the highlight of Chrystalla’s mentoring?

CE: It was really gratifying to see Chrystalla’s confidence as a creative boost and her personal confidence growing throughout this project. There is no right or wrong when you have creative ideas, so as a stylist it’s about tapping into your intuition, trusting your ideas, organizing the vision to meet the client brief and how to confidently express and communicate what that vision is. to your customer. So of course, action action action to bring it to life.

It was great to share my creative process with Chrystalla for this project, to see her take charge of it, to learn a lot along the way and to produce a detailed vision and result for the client.

P.TV: What do you want people to take away from your final work?

CE: Chrystalla and I want everyone who sees these outfits and images to feel inspired, excited and empowered. Style is a great tool of expression. We want to encourage audiences to feel more confident and enthusiastic about taking risks, making a statement, and having fun expressing who they are with their own style.

P.TV: What makes you most excited about this shoot for Dell XPS Open Studio?

CE: I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge and industry experience with Chrystalla and helping her pursue her dream of becoming a stylist. I have enjoyed every aspect of my career to this day and am honored to have helped someone else start theirs. I can’t wait to share the finished product.

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