Here are all of Operation Riptide skins and how to get them.


Counter-Strike: The Global Offensive skin catalog has just grown.

As part of Operation Riptide, Valve has introduced new skin lines for Train, Mirage, Dust 2 and Vertigo. Each card in CSGO has a signature skin line associated with it. Valve has decided to introduce a new bundle for all four maps, adding a total of 74 new map skins to the game.

Players do not earn these skins in the same way as other map skins. Instead of post-match drops, players must pay stars earned by completing missions throughout Operation Riptide. Instead of the usual opening of the case, players can choose exactly what rarity they will receive. The exact hide of this rarity, as well as its finish quality, is still completely hit and miss. The collection of available skins changes from time to time, so check back often to find the collection of CSGO map skins you want.

Appearances of Operation Riptide Case

The start of things is the Operation Riptide set. While players will have an unusually high degree of agency when it comes to the map skins they receive, the Operation Riptide affair works the same as any other. Get the case for two stars, buy a key with cash, and hope for the best.

Fortunately, the range of skins are strong enough to justify the cost. The first prize of the set is the Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive which sports a neon motif on the face. Behind it is the AK-47 | Leet Museo with Picasso-style figures on a white background. After those two there are a number of Asian inspired skins with the MP9 | Mount Fuji being the most eye-catching.

Train CSGO 2021 Map Skins

The Train 2021 skin collection retains its signature grainy look with an added touch of Soviet Union propaganda. These skins hint at the Cold War era Train is meant to represent. There are lots of vibrant golden skins with black contrast and surprising breakouts in the USP-S | Whiteout and R8 revolver | Flambé. Gamma Doppler seems to have several possible models. CSGO fans will quickly be looking for special variations and color patterns for the latest Glock cosmetic.

CSGO Mirage 2021 Map Skins

The new Mirage map skins are an eclectic mix. There are some fan favorites like the Glock-18 | Rose DDPAT and Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox here, but the AWP | Desert Hydra steals the show. The graffiti-style golden hydra stands out with well-placed teal accents. Will the new Mirage skin finally overthrow the Dragon Lore as the most coveted card AWP skin?

CSGO Dust 2 2021 Map Skins

As CSGO’s most iconic map, it makes sense that the Dust_2 2021 skin collection features callbacks to many beloved weapon finishes. The purple level alone finally brings the fade pattern into the UMP-45 and gives us a new hardened skin for the MAC-10. The One Secret Skin Dust 2 2021 AK-47 | Gold Arabesque is one of the largest flexible skins in CSGO history.

Vertigo 2021 CSGO Map Skins

CSGO’s second most recent map finally has its own skin line. Vertigo’s new 2021 skins are dripping with personality and a specific sense of humor. Several new Vertigo skins including the P-90 | Schematic and the M4A1-S | Imminent Danger mocks the architectural theme of the cards. The News | Interlock is even smarter. The Escher-esque pattern refers to the intricate, vertical nature of the map. CSGO players will likely host AK-47 | Green laminate. The Colorful Furniture Series is a favorite among gamers who prefer some subtlety to their loot.

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