Hagedorn says he “feels and is fine”


“As he undergoes new cancer treatment, he is working to reset his immune system, gain strength and beat this disease,” said Lia Palazzo, communications director at Hagedorn.

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She said he was also working against the “radical and failed policies of President Biden and the Democrats,” while promoting the interests of Minnesota 1st District.

“Congressman Hagedorn appreciates the kind words of encouragement and prayers made on his behalf by family, friends, constituents and colleagues as he battles kidney cancer and regains full health,” said Palazzo.

Hagedorn, who is serving his second term in Congress, was first diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer in February 2019. In December 2020, he underwent elective surgery to remove a kidney and neighboring cancerous tissue. In March, Hagedorn reported that a doctor told him there was no evidence of his cancer.

In July, after undergoing further tests at the Mayo Clinic, where he is receiving his treatment, Hagedorn said his kidney cancer had returned.

The question of the congressman’s long-term health prognosis has come up amid scrutiny of Carnahan, who has come under fire after his friend and GOP donor Tony Lazzaro was arrested on charges of sex trafficking. children. Carnahan has denied any direct knowledge or involvement in Lazzaro’s alleged crimes.

Carnahan ultimately resigned from the onslaught of accusations that verbal abuse, intimidation and sexual misconduct reigned under his leadership.

Amid the political battle, a social media recording has surfaced in which Carnahan can be heard saying her husband will be dead in two years. She then apologized. The statement sparked speculation over who might succeed Hagedorn, with some political observers suggesting Carnahan could run for District 1.

Hagedorn’s statement indicated that he is a long way from giving up his battle with cancer.

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