Group behind GB News advertising boycott accused of violating company laws


“Business incident”

The official guidelines state that a CIC may “engage in political activities if its engagement can reasonably be regarded as incidental to activities which a reasonable person might consider to be carried out for the benefit of the community and which are not themselves.” same accessories to political activities. .

“For example, a CIC that uses a community center for activities that benefit the local population, may be able to lobby the local government for a grant to improve the facilities available in the building.”

Stop Funding Hate describes itself as a “community campaign” of which “the community of supporters includes people from across British society, united in a common commitment to overcome hatred and fight all forms of discrimination”.

The campaign was launched “in the midst of a wave of anti-migrant and anti-Muslim headlines” and its aim is to “make hate unprofitable”.

Cancel culture

But, in their letter to Mr. Kwarteng, a version of which was also sent to Louise Smyth, Regulator of Societies of Community Interest, MPs say: we think it is important to reassess whether Stop Funding Hate is the kind organization that represents the best of the UK charitable sector. “

They add: “While it is not clear to us, nor to our constituents (…) who an attack on media plurality is meant to serve, what we are certain is that its current tactics are contrary to the spirit and letter of CIC Legislation regarding political activities.

“Rather than defending a group in society, Stop Funding Hate does the exact opposite of what CICs are allowed to do. It proactively defends a group in society, namely the hundreds of thousands of people who are connect to GB News every day, and the 60% of the population who don’t want to see brands engage in quashing the culture of boycotting TV channels. “

Stop Funding Hate did not respond to requests for comment.

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