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The Giants, who have won 23 of the 74 games they’ve played since they last had a winning record, have now decided the only way to get things back in the right direction is to fire their offensive coordinator. . It reminds you of the good old days at Yankee Stadium when George Steinbrenner fired a pitching coach.

But it’s not about Jason Garrett. By the end of the regular season, it’s the head coach, who is now losing coverage. He’s the one who owns everything that happens in offense for the Giants the rest of the way, good or bad. The judge has to put certain points on the board as much as Daniel Jones does.

Maybe the Giants can put him on the Eagles on Sunday, one of the teams ahead of them in the NFC East, as the Bucs put him on the Giants on Monday night, before Garrett officially went under the bus from the lane. team the next day. Or, better yet: the Giants have to put it on the Eagles.

One way or another, we’re always told that the Giants, regardless of their loss record at any given time, are about to take a big step, and the playoffs here they are. They got beaten by the Bucs, Rams and Cowboys, three of the best teams in their conference this season. Maybe they can start doing it against the 5-6 Eagles.

They face Jalen Hurts, who has thrown 13 touchdown passes so far and made eight more. They do it with Jones, who threw nine touchdown passes in 10 games. Maybe that’s the day he has a 300-yard passing game, something just about anyone in the league can handle. This might be the day the Giants can get past 30 points.

Perhaps this is the day Jones does what star quarterbacks are supposed to do in the NFL, which means bringing his team to the field at the end of the day to win the game. Maybe this will show Giants fans that sacking Garrett can be the kind of game-changing drama that the Giants almost never do on offense. Maybe that will turn the tide. No one would suggest that this will do for this Giants team what Jim Fassel’s 2000 playoff guarantee did, when the Giants took a big step that got them all the way to the Super Bowl. But maybe it’ll throw a load on them, and in MetLife Stadium.

“At the end of the day, I’ll make every decision based on what’s best for the team in the long run,” Judge said the other day, explaining much better than he did on Monday night. . “I think we need to be more productive in attack. Generally speaking, the job of offense is to score points. I don’t think we’re scoring enough points. It’s my job as the head coach to make sure that I give our players the opportunity to go out there and play.

Did the judge have the right to make this gesture? Of course he did. Does Garrett have every right to wonder how different it all could have turned out with a real offensive line and more playmakers and Saquon Barkley still looking like the player he was as a rookie? Boy, does he ever do. But the weaponry for the offense is on Judge, the former Patriots special teams coach who has such immense power with the Giants these days. Because it is the same now for him as for all sports coaches who present their players as underachievers. At one point, you take a step back and ask this question:

Who exactly trains this underperforming team?

Here’s another question: If Joe Judge, who we were supposed to believe to be the next Belichick, was so upset with what he saw from Garrett and the attack on Jones and the Giants, why didn’t he? not taken control earlier? What law was passed so he couldn’t go to Garrett and tell him he wanted him to take a different approach. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t know what the different approach should be. Maybe he will find out if he sees it, as early as Sunday.

There was a reason Bill Parcells wanted his former offensive coordinator Ron Erhardt to be sidelined. Because you know what he would do sometimes? Parcells would come up to Erhardt and say: “Make the ball run.”

The judge’s record as the Giants head coach is now 9-17. But we’re still supposed to believe that the blame should go everywhere else. Daniel Jones. Dave Gettleman. The offensive line. Lack of talent on both sides of the ball. And, finally, Jason Garrett especially.

The Giants still have seven games to play: Eagles, Dolphins, Chargers, Cowboys, Eagles again, Bears, Washington Football Team. Are there any winnable games on this calendar? If you are a Giants fan you have to look at the schedule and ask yourself a question: how many games do they have to win to make you believe they are going in the right direction again, for the first time since they were 11 years old? 5 under Ben McAdoo?

Gettleman hasn’t done the job here in any way, and will likely make things easy for John Mara and Steve Tisch when the season is over by retiring. He’s the easiest and most important target for the Giants, twenty-six games under Judge. There’s the pre-game idea of ​​the Bucs that the Giants are about to make a move, and now you look at the standings and see them in last place in the NFC East, without a win as good as the team. Washington football vs. Touchdown Tom and the Bucs.

They have had a winning season since the second Super Bowl against the Patriots. The last time they won the East was during this Super Bowl season. Other than that, they have only won once up to seven games. And maybe worst of all is how out of control they’ve gotten, as they’ve gone from great Tom Coughlin to McAdoo to Pat Shurmur now to Judge.

So here’s their chance on Sunday to prove that Judge really saved the Giants by sacking Jason Garrett. Here’s the team’s chance, at home, to call the Eagles, to score points against one of four losing records on the rest of the calendar, to get to 4-7 before the Dolphins game.

“We have to do everything better,” Joe Judge said after the Bucs game.

Him first, from Sunday at one o’clock.


Even before Friday’s game, the feud between Koepka and DeChambeau seemed older than the East River.

If you need a big game on the pitch now in pro football all you have to do is throw a deep ball and then wait for the flag when your receiver comes back to retrieve it.

Maybe it was just in Dallas that Postman Mike McCarthy started to come in.

As always with McCarthy, you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him.

It seems that one of America’s most lucrative jobs is as a licensed college football coach.

A line of executive conga didn’t want to come and work for Steve Cohen.

With Friday’s wave of deals with Eduardo Escobar, Mark Canha and Starling Marte, now Cohen and Billy Eppler have to get it right with the manager.

Buck Showalter is not the only candidate.

Just the best.

Amari Cooper is just the latest chowderhead in the sport to help cost her team a game by not being vaccinated.

All the while being paid $ 21 million a year by Jerry Jones.

Which guy.

Cooper, it is.

For the last time, the question of politicizing the COVID vaccine in this way is as silly an American moment as ever.

What else does Carlos Correa want to do to make Yankees fans love him, spray graffiti in Monument Park?

The NFL is now settling its lawsuit with St. Louis over the Rams leaving that city for $ 790 million, which is almost the amount the concussion settlement cost the league not so far ago. long time.

As LeBron James was explaining how he got suspended from playing in the garden the other night, I started to think the kid, Isaiah Stewart, had slapped himself in the face to spill blood.

If you keep the score at home, the Jets are now 25-65 since the last time they had a winning record.

The Nets have the third best record in the sport without Kyrie Irving.

Seriously, where are all the people now who were acting like Bill Belichick was just in the game when he and Touchdown Tom were winning all those Super Bowls?

Because right now, today, and whatever happens against the Titans, Belichick is coaching the Patriots and their rookie quarterback, as well as he ever has.

It’s so nice to see that Rex Ryan and Robert Saleh have reconciled.

Then they go to the zoo.

Either way, Mike Breen’s work on pro basketball games, Knicks games and everyone else, continues to be consistently excellent.

It’s a bit like Steph like that.

He continues to improve.

Do you know who’s going to end up with the NFL settlement money someday?

Jon Gruden.

Either they will have to pay it or they will have to publish all emails related to the Washington football team.

Finally today: Happy birthday to our daughter, Hannah, the youngest of our four children.

She continues to be a force of nature and a joy in our lives.

On his way to what his three older brothers always believed was his ultimate goal of world domination.

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