Fury as Hove Plinth by targeted by graffiti vandals

A SEAFRONT monument has been targeted by vandals angering the surrounding community.

Vandals targeted Hove Plinth with black spray paint over the weekend.

A photo of the marking was shared in the Hove Seafront Residents Association Facebook group, with the caption ‘a sad sight to behold’.

One furious resident described the vandalism as “reckless”, while another said it was “beyond words”.

Hove base

Brighton and Hove City Council removed the graffiti from the plinth on Monday morning and said it was “saddened” to see the monument had become a target.

But speaking to The Argus, Robert Nemeth, founder of the Hove Beach Hut Association and Conservative councilor in Wish Ward, said the council was taking a permissive approach.

He said: “The permissive approach we see locally towards anti-social behavior inevitably leads to these kinds of incidents which are always demoralizing for those of us who want the city to look like it used to be. in the old days.

The Argus: Graffiti on Hove beach huts last yearGraffiti on Hove beach huts last year

“The solution is of course to crack down on low-level crime, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon when we have a council that always turns a blind eye.”

This is not the first time that waterfront structures and landmarks have been targeted by vandals.

In November last year, benches on Hove promenade were left with broken seats and missing panels.

A few months earlier, beach huts near Hove Lawns had been tagged with blue spray paint. A city council spokesman said it had taken action to tackle vandalism along the seafront.

He said: “We are very saddened to see public monuments such as Hove Pedestal targeted by graffiti vandals. “Graffiti is a problem all over the world and we are no exception. There are no easy answers in terms of fighting graffiti, but we take the problem very seriously. “We invested in the city’s first 24-hour graffiti removal trial. Further deep cleanups around the city are planned. “We have also extended community protection notices to combat graffiti vandalism. They now cover graffiti on commercial buildings and street furniture.

The council said it was removing offensive graffiti within 24 hours of reporting it and non-offensive graffiti “as soon as possible on public monuments, subject to weather conditions and workload”.

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