Frustration increases as tagging problem increases in Penarth


GRAFFITI brands have appeared more frequently in Penarth in recent months, and many find the problem “frustrating”.

Since the start of this year, several traders in the city have spoken of their constant battle with the branding of their buildings – such as Penarth Physiotherapy Practice and Pilates Studio and Willmore’s 1938 – and other street items such as signs of signaling and electrical boxes.

1938 owners Matthew Holland and Charlotte Court of Willmore were unable to remove the labeling from the side of their building due to the cost of installing scaffolding.

The roof, which is 100 years old, was also damaged in the process.

The latest to be hit by a repeated plague of graffiti is Rachael Beasley of Curves Women’s Gym, who has seen her business vandalized twice in recent months.


The door to Curves Women’s Gym has been vandalized for the second time in recent months

“It’s very frustrating and also costly for my business,” she added.

“I’m trying to revamp my business right now too with the effects of Covid and having graffiti all over the front of the premises is an eyesore.

South Wales Argus: Many electrical boxes and road signs across town have been covered with labels Many electrical boxes and road signs across the city have been covered with tags

“I think I have a security camera but again this is another financial issue and because of Covid I lost a lot of my gym members.

“I think if they had CCTV in the city and the council also helped local businesses, it would help local businesses feel a lot safe.

“Perhaps the council could promote neighborhood watch in the area or signs to show that if a crime is committed there will be a fine.

“I feel like vandalism is out of control right now and young people aren’t being punished for it. It’s very frustrating.”

South Wales Argus: alleys and lanes were also affected by the marking The alleys and lanes were also affected by the marking

Vale of Glamorgan Board has neither the duty nor the authority to remove graffiti from private property, unless it is obscene or offensive, and may do so only with the permission of the owner. .

It is the legal responsibility of the owner of the land or building.

In June this year, a 16-year-old boy from Penarth came forward and admitted to vandalizing buildings in Penarth and Barry with the ‘SOSO’ tag after South Wales Police called for the guilty.

A spokesperson for the South Wales Police said: “Graffiti is a real scourge on our community.

“This can cause distress for homeowners and considerable expense to remove.

“We have had some success recently in the Vale of Glamorgan – with a teenager showing up to admit graffiti to Penarth and Barry and two girls being identified by CCTV as Barry.

“We hope that members of the public can continue to help us identify those responsible by being our eyes and ears in the community.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact South Wales Police or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

“Go to:, send a private message on Facebook or Twitter, email: [email protected] or phone 101.”

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